Somua SM Video & Pictures

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8 thoughts on “Somua SM Video & Pictures

  1. WG doesnt care for any of the normal tanks.
    Few lines left just for the sake of it and everything that does not fit into regular trees gonna be sold as premiums.

    End of WoT as you know it.

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    1. The problem is this would’ve fit into the regular french tree as a potential alternative to the M4 45. But WG at this point gives zero fucks about the French and therefore their techtree, due partially to the incompetence of The Challenger, will probably forever remain incomplete.

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      1. Doesnt matter nation.
        Many lines had possible JP2/Ferdi scenario – where are they now? In store.
        Thats it – beginning of the end – slowly but it started already.

        WG is not stupid – they know they cant milk this forever. How long?
        2? 4 years?
        Better stock up on pile of money.

        And its brilliant actually – people awaited second line of french – there you have – you can buy it :D

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        1. The second line of French heavies is supposed to be single shot tanks with better armour. This doesn’t fit that at all.


        2. Thing is : WG tells there’s not enough material for a french medium full branch
          Then releases AMX CDC, M4 revalorisé (overbuffed for tier 8), Somua SM, and Chaffee FL11 (on console) as premiums. Meh.


    2. well, there are couple hundreds tanks in game already, and it takes few years to get them all (I´ve got 2/3 after 3 years)… so I am fine with just few more lines, especially if they are unique (like Swedish upper tier tanks)

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