Supertest : Somua SM

A new tank appeared on the supertest server : the Somua SM, a tier 8 premium heavy tank.

Tier : 8 (premium)
HP : 1400
Engine : 960 hp
Mass : 56 t
Power-to-weight ratio : 17,14 hp/t
Maximum speed : 50 / 20 km/h
Hull’s turning speed : 32 °/s
Turret’s turning speed : 33,4 °/s
Terrain resistance values : 1,151 / 1,247 / 2,014
View range : 350 m
Radio range : 594,4 m

Hull armor : 120 / 50 / ?
Turret armor : 70 / 60 / ?

Gun : 100 mm SA 47

Alpha damage : 300 / 300 / 400
Penetration : 232 / 263 / 50
Rate of fire : 5,945
Damage per minute : 1783,5
Clip reload time : 41,806 s
Shells within the clip : 6
Time between each shell : 3,75 s
Accuracy : 0,364
Aiming time : 2,11 s
Depression / elevation angles : -10° / +15°

Armour schematics :

Ammunitions :

Gun :

More pictures :



In-game pictures :



39 thoughts on “Supertest : Somua SM

  1. Time between each shell : 3,75 s

    Well that is something new. Any idea what the dispersion values look like?

    BTW on kinda related note, why do they even bother giving stats to those supertest tanks b4 the rebalance? Isn’t it kinda counter-productive?

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    1. I would assume it’s because the Sandbox is in flux and nothing that happens there is set in stone. It’s hard to balance a tank on those premises, so they’ll just balance any upcoming stats for the live game.

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      1. Just saying those stats look relatively balanced, like some work was put into them, rather than placeholders. And placeholder stats is what I’d expect when you have sandbox going on.


        1. That’s because they’re likely not placeholders, no.

          The idea is likely that they don’t know when or if anything on Sandbox will be implemented, whereas this tank (appears to be) ready for implementing tomorrow, stat-wise anyway, if it’s needed.

          It might be a thing being prepared for a special sale, or for a new CW campaign that will take place in just a few months while Sandbox has an unknown duration, which is why any balancing on vehicles in development is done for the live game.


    1. Judging by the picture, seems like it was the case. But by the Time’s book, the past’s page is sometimes quickly covered already by a new page…


  2. So you get an autoloading heavy with good mobility, great gun depression, good gun handling, troll frontal and an amazing gun with the only downsides being the typical french sides and the inter clip reload?

    I’ll take 2.

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    1. Looks pretty good so far, yes. However, French tend to have atrocious stability and if it is bad enough, this will be a very sorry tank. It will probably have acceptable but not good handling without the ability to use VStabs due to oscillating turret, but we will see. Even though my French heavy line is only at Char 2B, I’m interested.


        1. Wow, those are some damn good dispersion stats for any T8 heavy! In fact, due to the importance of turret traverse dispersion, I’d say that these beat even the Caernarvon even though it has better hull and movement traverse.

          This tank is beginning to look REALLY intriguing even for a person like me that doesn’t like managing clips.

          One thing to note though is the fact that this will be really slugghish when compared to AMX 50 100 due to it having a horrible stock engine. This has a 32 degrees/second traverse speed while AMX 50 100 has effectively 47 degrees/second when fully upgraded. It’ll be about equally fast in a straight line though, which is naturally nice.


  3. these stats are way way more realistic than the ones on ritas blog hers says the power to weight ration is over 20 but it only has a 500hp engine?

    i do think that time between shots will need to be buffed cuz god dam that is awful

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    1. Probably they’re not updated (yet).

      Indeed… the average, from memory, for kinda any autoloader (excepting MGs), is about 2 second, so almost twice longer is… well, long.

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    2. Well they have to balance it somehow, it’ll end up being played more like a normal heavy, you can’t really clip anyone out – firing all shells takes almost 19 seconds, no way you are gonna have free shots on anyone for 19 seconds.
      I guess it’ll end up being a ridgeline warrior – good gun depression and small turret, you can peak every 4 seconds and do fairly reliable dmg. And it can still keep tanks permatracked so it’ll be usefull in city fights aswell.

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      1. i dont want it to be american autoloader level of reload between shots i just think near 4s is a bit much if it was the same as the 50 100 itd be fine in my opinion i do have to say though it took them a long long time to put in a french autoloader heavy

        i do see this thing becoming very popular if that shot speed is buffed to 50 100 level but near 4s will make it a sitting duck for far too long


        1. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s gonna be good tank or not but I’d be interested to see how would tank with such a long shell delay play. Everything else on that tank is good – good gun handling and penetration, good mobility, some armor (not really good but it’s something, it’s good when not every lowtier tank and every light can pen you), decent mobility, great gun depression. Only drawback is the shot delay really.

          And yes, like I said, you can’t really unload your whole clip into someone because you would lose too much HP in the process.


  4. Is it just me thinking this, or they are ‘reintroducing’ the Lorr with this similar-playstyle tank?
    I don’t know much of the techical details, just wondering about it.

    About the tank itself: Tier 8 heavy with 1400 HP. Right.

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    1. Yeah, sadly, I think this would’ve been a great tier 7 candidate to replace the M4 45 with, but… oh well, at least it actually made it into the game. For a long time, it didn’t look like it was going to ever happen. Hopefully it isn’t some CW reward bs like the IS-5 and Chief/T95, though…

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    1. I checked, only the T32 has the same health and it has a semi-trollish turret to compensate.
      It makes no sense! Even the FCM 50 tonner have more health!


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