WoT Sandbox Penetration Changes

(as of June 16 2016, sorry for not being able to post it earlier, no time)

Thanks to the one(s) who made this possible. And thanks to our readers for staying awesome.

As you may know, Wargaming put some kind of watermark on their client so nobody can take screens of it and not get punished. It’s very annoying indeed. But there was a way to circumvent it, luckily.

Penetration over 400m got nerfed quite heavily on the Sandbox server, to the point where an IS-3 can reliably bounce 3/4 of tier 10s at 400m. Check it out:

Note: shared penetration with T110E3 and T57 heavy:

Note: E-50M shares same penetration + penetration drop as IS-4:

^Note: JPZ-100 is nearly the same, only 10 less than FV183 AP

Note: Shares the same penetration + penetration drop with other NATO tier 10 mediums (M48A1, AMX 30B, STB-1, e.x.):

Shared with other tier 10 soviet wedge-meds:


41 thoughts on “WoT Sandbox Penetration Changes

    1. There is bigger issues than that with Foch right now, like 1200dpm, 5 sec between shots, 48 sec magazine reload, 390 average, 3 shots in magazine, 0.345 accuracy and 2.9 sec aiming time.
      The tank quite obviously isn’t done, and if it is then the people that actually play it will be guaranteed to stop playing it.


  1. I’m doing some editing work right now so I cannot into numbers, can someone please translate this into a tomato-friendly format?


  2. So with 25% RNG, T10 tanks can get to as low as 125mm of penetration at 400m. That would struggle to pen some T6 heavy tanks.

    Please WG, give us more. Sandbox changes are not yet hilarious enough.

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      1. I think we need more RNG. What about guns getting jammed? It is so realistic. It can also be balancing mechanism – chinese guns would have biggest chance to get jammed. British lowest. Germans would struggle on winter and desert maps.

        Or random crew losses. You’ll start some battles without 1 of your crewmembers. He got lost, commited sudoku or sth.

        What else? Let’s add mechanic where if you get hit by high caliber artillery, it’ll dug a hole which you’ll fall into and you won’t be able to get out. Good mechanic methinks.

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      1. And tanks that don’t have HEAT? Besides, HEAT is unreliable, it really needs to hit where you’re aiming to pen high tier tanks. With new shells distribution you’d still not be able to pen much. And again, why is sniping punished? Do we really need to all fight in one square, rest of the map will be left unused and we’ll all get rekt and “stunned” by arty?

        Really great fucking job WG.

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      2. HEAT is dead, and besides everyone will now drive rus tanks ifthey have half a brain as they are the only winners here.

        They basically nerfed all tanks to have low mobility and bad gun handling, adns so RU tanks got nerfed the least and are already badass…Meaning others got nerfed with no buffs and RU will have radical angled armor but now no one can shoot them properly…How ever the 225mm IS3 can still murder, and theIS& I saw didnt lose ANY PEN AT ALL FOR BOTH GOLD AND AP….303 APCR anyone in the game where most get 280mm HEAT? LOL


  3. This comment section is the exact reason why things that happen in sandbox need to stay in sandbox, regular pubbies don’t understand what testing means.

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    1. And WG doesn’t understand how their game works. Just look at the changes in sandbox. 99% of them are retarded. Even a child has to understand that what they are testing will not work. Well depends “work” means. Some ppl will be happy. Most decent and better players won’t.

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    2. There’s a difference between testing and going full retard. Like, I could smear my poop all over you and tell you I’m testing if it will bring the humanity closer to understanding quantum physics, because IT JUST MIGHT, and you just don’t understand what I’m doing. You regular, you.



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  5. See this is more World of RusBrawlers now.

    Uber low HEAT is the best for Ruski tanks as there armor with such steep angle makes HEAT very poor, even more so than the flat hugley thick german tanks .Also German tansk sides will still be flat and thin enough for all gold rounds, but IS&+IS3`s al have spaced and ultra blackhole side armor.

    This is just more pandering to the lowest level of WOT player while having huge undertones of RU bias that we thought we had killed off 1 year ago and I have had to deal with for 3 years prior.

    E5 is no almost as immobile as IS7 but IS7 has 60 KPH top speed. E5 also lost huge DPM amount and NOW HAS WORSE GUN HANDLING…..WTF

    How about Caernarvon that was already underpowered getting a massive alpha nerf with NO RELOAD BUFF. I tis now 1500 DPM at 180 alpha…LOL its also super slow and doesnt have armor.

    How about the T34 or T30 which should have been easily be buffed getting worse? I mean really T34 is T7 armor with T5 heavy DPM and shittiest gun handling there is vs what? IS3`s, 50-100`s or how about even an IS6, its armor now can easily shed the 230 pen while it has 400 DPM more and if it face hugs will murder the t34.

    How about T110E3 getting 120mm gun? With no buffs. How about E4 that already had shit armor getting even worse gun handling…Its like a KV2 now and if you miss your shot it has T8 heavy armor i nt10 games. So it like a KV2 stuck in T8 games ALWAYS.

    Really WG is just showing there complete bias and need for single lane, no brain, no view range brawling and guess what tanks are god mode in those exact cases?


    1. Oh and making AP drop 30% at 100 yards? ….Can you say Ru/Brawl/No/Brain Bias?

      How about IS3 being the only tank not losing anything, no alpha, nor armor, no DPM and NO VIEW RANGE WHEN MOST HEAVIES LOST HUGE AMOUNTS.

      Now the one thing the Is3 was bad at viewrange it is top in class….LOLOLOL

      So its fastest heavy by far, huge alpha 390 vs 280 of KT, best armor esp for this new ammo mechanics and now it can snipe as well as most heavies. Lol this was a huge IS7+IS3+IS4+IS6 buff….Thats all sandbox is.

      It Decrowned and murdered E5 making it worse than IS7 in everyway, yes even gun handling dispersion.

      It made Nato tanks lose 40 Alpha vs Ru meds losing 20. It made Ru meds retain angled armor, retain best DPM and BUFFED THERE LASER GUNS. They now have 30% better gun handling than M48 Patton whill it being a squishy fat huge sore thumb.

      Oh and IS6 will laugh at anything over 200m while it has the same exact stats as before when it was already king…LOL

      Also niw that you cant aim for weakspots with heavies the one thing you could do to shoot hull down RU tanks was overmatch…Sry not anymore.

      IDK how people are not so outraged and how guys liek QB and others who like finesse tanks are not screamign at wg.


      1. “IDK how people are not so outraged and how guys liek QB and others who like finesse tanks are not screamign at wg”

        QB & co. are fucking shills, SirFoch for instance has been screaming at WG that their design sucks donkey ass for a good while now…


        1. Well WG cannot take SirFoch seriously since he whines just for the sake of whining. Plays tank with terrible gun handling, snapshots. misses, blames RNG. He has good points though, but fucks them up by his whining. Rather listen to someone who’s better and more calm than him.


            1. Did I mention QB somewhere in my post? If you mean “Rather listen to someone who’s better and more calm than him”, I wasn’t talking about Mr. Clickfingers.

              I was talking about listening to players with WGL experience, players that know shitload about game problems and game mechanics (aniallator come to mind) etc.


  6. Wow, the game seems to get more arcade with every change they announce.

    -extreme penetration drop over long distances
    -more missing shots because of the new shell distribution

    Those two things will force you to go for close combat. That will be fun for all players of paper tanks.

    This sounds pretty annoying. Even as a player who’s playing most in medium tanks…


  7. Welp, WG in a nutshell. Either doing too much or not doing a crap.
    With these “potential changes” , I can imagine global rebalance being a massive shitstorm when it’s patched in.


  8. Lets face it, the rebalancing is not global.. Seems Ruskie tonks are excluded from this. How long have we cried for the IS3 to be nerfed so as other Tier 8 heavies have a fighting chance? Surely clan wars and strongholds must tell them something about the current meta? There are obvious reasons why the same old tanks are used.

    I really thought that the global rebalance was going to involve nerfs to OP tanks and buffs to the ones that clearly need it. Instead we have a situation where everything is getting nerfed but the meta stays the same. The game is slowing down and I think we should relish these days of WOT as they will soon become “remember when…”


  9. Global Rebalance isn’t necessary. Just change arty, buff weak tanks and nerf the OP ones. And give light tanks more viewrange and get rid off the corridormaps. A lot of the balance hides in mapdesign. Problem solved.


  10. Pretty much everything on the current sandbox is game killing. Absolutely NOTHING about this new vision of WOT looks fun.


  11. If this piece of sh!t called Sandbox will be implemented as above, in the moment I will see the update I will stop playing this game.
    3 years now, Premium player because I loved this game. What they are doing now is milking more the cow so players will have to use more Premium Ammo and Premium Consumables.

    Wargaming, foch you with your stupid 25% RNG.


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