Q&A with community manager Mikhail Shotin

Mikhail Shotin was interviewed yesterday on Wargaming.FM regarding Sandbox, here’s what he had to say:

– We already have some first impressions, collected some feedback which is being analyzed now;
– We’re not rushing anything and will only release to the main server when everyone is satisfied;
– There were two invitation waves at first, people who we chose and applications through the portal. Main criteria was owning a tier 10 tank;
– Yes, there are people on Sandbox who do not own a tier 10 tank on the main server, but there are very little of them;
– Applications are being considered constantly;
– Second wave is launched already;
– There are currently no limits, but we have to keep a set amount of people on the server;
– Applications are being considered as a queue;
– We’ll adjust application criteria in the future;
– We do not have the task of killing or nerfing this or that specific class, we have the task of creating a different balance;
– It’s too early to talk about rework of personal missions, it’s only a very early stage of balancing yet. There will be changes if needed;
– Additionally, we’ll send questionnaires to Sandbox participants;
– We plan to test other features on Sandbox too, but it’s only balance for now;
– Currently, there is a limit for 3 SPG’s per team on Sandbox;
– We’re currently working on tier 10 balance for now, 6-7 for example will be tested too, but later;
– The main task regarding MT’s was the following: to prevent MT from penetrating HT’s in the front from 400m+, we wanted to bring back their role they had earlier;
– Rebalance will affect economics, but this will come later at a final stage + bonus for tanking;
– There are negative concerns regarding the debuff sound, but all sounds and icons are preliminary, everything will change more than once, especially the tanks statistics;
– Gold is deactivated on Sandbox to collect feedback accordingly, however all changed on Sandbox are potential changes for main server;
– Everyone who recieved an invitation will not be expelled again;
– While choosing the applicant we do not look at the age;
– We’re thinking about rewarding Sandbox participants;
– We’re experimenting with debuff duration for now;