Q&A with community manager Mikhail Shotin

Mikhail Shotin was interviewed yesterday on Wargaming.FM regarding Sandbox, here’s what he had to say:

– We already have some first impressions, collected some feedback which is being analyzed now;
– We’re not rushing anything and will only release to the main server when everyone is satisfied;
– There were two invitation waves at first, people who we chose and applications through the portal. Main criteria was owning a tier 10 tank;
– Yes, there are people on Sandbox who do not own a tier 10 tank on the main server, but there are very little of them;
– Applications are being considered constantly;
– Second wave is launched already;
– There are currently no limits, but we have to keep a set amount of people on the server;
– Applications are being considered as a queue;
– We’ll adjust application criteria in the future;
– We do not have the task of killing or nerfing this or that specific class, we have the task of creating a different balance;
– It’s too early to talk about rework of personal missions, it’s only a very early stage of balancing yet. There will be changes if needed;
– Additionally, we’ll send questionnaires to Sandbox participants;
– We plan to test other features on Sandbox too, but it’s only balance for now;
– Currently, there is a limit for 3 SPG’s per team on Sandbox;
– We’re currently working on tier 10 balance for now, 6-7 for example will be tested too, but later;
– The main task regarding MT’s was the following: to prevent MT from penetrating HT’s in the front from 400m+, we wanted to bring back their role they had earlier;
– Rebalance will affect economics, but this will come later at a final stage + bonus for tanking;
– There are negative concerns regarding the debuff sound, but all sounds and icons are preliminary, everything will change more than once, especially the tanks statistics;
– Gold is deactivated on Sandbox to collect feedback accordingly, however all changed on Sandbox are potential changes for main server;
– Everyone who recieved an invitation will not be expelled again;
– While choosing the applicant we do not look at the age;
– We’re thinking about rewarding Sandbox participants;
– We’re experimenting with debuff duration for now;


43 thoughts on “Q&A with community manager Mikhail Shotin

  1. “– Gold is deactivated on Sandbox to collect feedback accordingly, however all changed on Sandbox are potential changes for main server”

    If they are going back to premium ammo only for gold on the live server I’m going to fucking riot and no I’m not a premium spammer…


    1. It’s awesome whichever way they go some of you neckbeard morons will be up in arms. Premium ammo for Gold only is so stupid and clearly P2W but while people complain about P2W publicly they are happy to pony up when no one’s looking. If you can’t handle the current prem ammo situation it means you suck and can’t afford to shoot enough and don’t want anyone else who can be able to. WG isn’t going to stop selling premium for silver so get upset all you like. I’ll be loading it up to shoot your dumb heavily armored tanks in this meta. Learn to adapt.
      Anyways I will enjoy the tears from either side because I don’t care enough to cry one way or the other like the lamers here. Please go on with how you will stomp your feet and hold your breath if it doesn’t go your way. Me, I’ll be laughing at whoever is crying. So please cry more.


  2. Isnes and Jos Abee – you two dumbasses!
    If they revert back to old ways – you can clearly say they will cut 75% of gold spam.

    So whats better? Few who “p2w” (how retarded you must be to even thing of such…) – or ALL players spam gold?

    Thats why WG dont listen to players “feedback”.

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      1. I take you havent tried South East Asia games :D
        That is direct P2W – WoT gold ammo is at best random chance indirect P2W.

        Conduct experiment – spam gold for 100 battles and dont use any for 100 battles – then show WR.
        Otherwise – what the fuck, stop smoking crack.

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        1. I play on EU, so I don’t know about other servers.

          I take you haven’t played WoT in the old days, when gold ammo was truly only for gold. In those days you could see statpadders from top clans everywhere spamming gold ammo with gold gained from CW. It was truly bad, not even considering gold ammo was even more Op back then. I can still remeber those VK36H medium tanks spamming APCR with their Konish guns or 105 mm derp guns with 150 mm of HEAT pen.
          Nowadays you can easily earn money for few gold shells without spending any money. And you don’t need more than few if you play well. Recently I have been doing “experiment” on my youtube channel where I get 3 MoE on murican meds without gold ammo and consumables. I started on M4, now I am on T20 and I am not finding any problem what so ever, even with infamous M4A3E8’s pen it was perfectly duable.


          1. Not it wasnt. Stop spreading lies.
            It was a myth of how much gold was being shot in random battles.
            Many considered as stupid spending of hard earned gold.

            “In those days you could see statpadders from top clans everywhere spamming gold ammo with gold gained from CW”
            No, you could not.
            And exaggerated what actually happened 5 times.

            Once again – stop lying.

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                1. Remove premium ammo and go for the “smart ammo usage” where let’s say APCR does less dmg but has more pen while HEAT would do more dmg but it’s pen would be lower (and we forget about realism here because WoT tanks have HP bars…). Here shell prices would be more or less the same.

                  No more premium ammo spam, no more stat padders who abused the premium ammo… and no need to spend 100k credits when you sinply can’t pen 2 tiers higher HT’s … plus better armoured tanks could actually do their job.

                  Something like in AW


                  1. AW timeframe of tanks had different ammo as default.

                    Cut gold ammo dmg in half, reduce price 30% – vuolia. Useful for damage but so very little :D

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    1. ALL players spam gold without any doubt. Although I must be playing on a special server because I rarely encounter players who are spamming gold against me.


    2. I’m so glad you are actually on the sane side now, Woras. You redeemed yourself, I will call you by your name again.

      But anyways, yes, anyone who says that gold ammo for gold shouldn’t be brought back is either retarded or a weakling who can’t live without gold.
      I want the old days back, when no tomato could fuck up my frontal armor just because they have access to a ridiculous P2W tool! FFS!
      To bring back tanking to a tank game we need to stop this nonsense that is called premium ammunition for credits!

      Say whatever you want, goldfags, I have the face to stay with what I said, insults included! >: (


        1. Hah, you call me a pleb? I enjoy the cancer of the game and know how fucked up it will be, yet I’m not complaining over that with a word! No, in fact, I WANT the change happen!
          So be kind and fuck off with anything that concerns the arties.

          This is about gold and gold spam. So, get your shit together, you anonymous crap bucket, and stop trying to troll.



            1. Ah, I see, you are only here to troll. Well then, as the rule says: “The only way to win is not to play.” So, go back in your basement, you sad and pathetic excuse of a human.
              You will have no further responds from me.


      1. I for one don’t give a shit about premium shells. Maybe because I mostly drive paper tanks to begin with.

        Furthermore, if you rely on sheer armor thickness on your HTs to protect you from enemy shells – you’re doing it wrong.
        Either expose a black-hole-shell-eating part (like the T34/T29 gun mantlet) or achieve auto-bounce angles – or just expect that a tank 2 tiers lower WILL pen your frontal weakspots, if gold is used.

        Also, I’m completely against p2w, so prem ammo for credits should stay.


        1. I did not mention that I get penned by lower tier tanks while I’m in my Type 4 Heavy, with angled armor and half-behind covers. But even if an E 100 fires at me, I can immediately tell if it’s using gold. If it’s using AP, it won’t pen. If it uses gold, it pens. That simple. I tested it plenty of times.

          So if they limit the amount of gold that can be brought in the battle, or make it buyable only with actual gold, then this nonsense will be finally over.

          I play all types of tanks, some better, some worse. But I feel the same about all of them. Gold is a fucking bullshit and breaks the role of every tank type!


          1. Come on. Back in 2011, you could invisi fire almost on every map – (ab)use the spotting mechanics. Mostly with meds, TD’s, lights aswell but lights had terrible guns back then so it wasn’t useful for them. Only heavies couldn’t really abuse this. So HT drivers cried that they are getting killed by invisible tanks. Oh yeah, and they cried that they are being flanked and that their team is bad because they can’ hold a flank and that they don’t like being shot in the side.

            What has WG done? Their nerfed TD’s, removed bushes from maps, added ridgelines so maps are now divided into 3 brawling spots (well at best, El Halluf is one brawling spot). What the fuck are you supposed to do with a medium? Yes I know, flank :) Every flanking route is shut down by a TD camping in the base, there are 3 main “corridors” that have little flanking opportunities and everything else is a deadzone. Why is that TD camping anyway? Because WG removed bushes, so they can no longer fight at 250-300m, and playing TD aggressively is something very few players are able to do effectively. So with medium you are being forced to fight with heavies and with TD’s you are “forced” (not really forced but it’s the most comfortable play for bad to below average players) to camp. So meds fire gold. And HT drivers cry because ppl shoot gold at them.
            And last thing I noticed, WG has been removing weakspots like MG ports, they’ve been adding tracks and more spaced armor etc.

            Seeing a pattern here? Players that cry are usually HT drivers. Because they expect their tank to be invincible frontally. Which wouldn’t be a good idea even with good maps. And with current maps it can’t work. And they don’t want to get outspotted or shot in the side either.

            This game will end up being brawlfest at 50m with no flanking opportunities, no vision based plays. Which brings me to the viewrange decrease. They say it’s because they want to give role to LT’s. In reality they just want to force ppl to shorten the distance of fights even more and to deny any kind of vision based play from mediums.


            1. I don’t know how this all is in any connection with what I explained in my comment, but you sound to be correct.
              Dunno what else to say here.


              1. My point is game is so fucked up (and in large portion thanks to whiny HT drivers) that if you remove gold ammo and make some other changes it will break. Look at sandbox, anything but well armored heavy is unplayable.


                  1. They just began to change stuff.
                    Wait a couple months with drawing big conclusions like this.
                    Everything can change… and most likely will.


  3. Re Gold ammo whine – yesterday I saw TVP bounce 2/4 HEAT shells bounce. On the E100. Aiming at the unangled lower plate. Because RNG. Imagine APCR clip – 1 pen out of 4 would be nice in this case.


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  4. Right….people who have a T10. I have all T10 from in the game in garage and do I get an invite? Great they invite tomatos to the sandbox…


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