NDA for Sandbox!

TAP leaks are now officially leaks. Rejoice!

Please note a change in our stance on sharing information from the Sandbox. From now, sharing information from the Sandbox is not allowed. This includes live broadcasts or video reports, etc.

Access to the test server can be terminated or restricted at any time for non-compliance with the EULA and Terms of Service. In particular, according to paragraph 17 “Beta Tests” of Terms of Service, “the beta games, including information about features and functionality to be offered as part of the games, are confidential.” In this case, the Sandbox is considered a beta test server.

We do not have any further information or details to share at this point.

Best GIF to describe this (thanks Woras!):


21 thoughts on “NDA for Sandbox!

        1. Along with Kipa – the “facemotes” for stupid people.
          Humor so advanced – they cant laugh.
          Or they are so stupid – its insulting to vegetables :D

          Liked by 5 people

  1. As I already said in the other post about the Sandbox:

    Ahahaha…. AHHAHAHAHAHA… BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *points and laughs*

    They have no concept with what they are doing on the Sandbox, people get up in arms about the giant bowl of complete bullshit mixed with horseshit, flavoured with pigshit and now they get NDA’d. Smooth move.


  2. The sandbox client has a traceable watermark over the entire screen at all times so I guess if you wonna leak images or video you’ll only leak once :-P
    As far as NDAing it is concerned, they should of done it from the start because there’s always whiners. Even though this test server is as far from release gameplay as you can get, the whiners still have a cry about something as if it’s going live tomorrow.


    1. WG stuff is not able to type things into the correct excel cell. And you think they get a working watermark system going. For sure. Lol.


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