Ectar Resigns

This is a sad day for WoT. I can just hope that he will have a good replacement.
Hello folks,
There never really is a good time to say something like this, and it’s took me a few attempts at writing it. Without further ado I’ll just cut straight to the point. One week after Tankfest 2016 I will be leaving
Why has this came about? Well recently I’ve been working on various different projects to broaden my skillset and work on various community initiatives. With one of those projects I found that I really enjoyed doing something different and wanted to do it more, this has resulted in getting an offer I simply couldn’t turn down.
I’ve been working with for the past 4 years now, starting out as a Community Coordinator and then becoming a Community Manager. From my first post back in May 2012 it’s been a rollercoaster full of ups and downs. You’ve shown me all how passionate you are about our games and how much they mean to you. From watching the World of Tanks community continue to grow, to watching the Warplanes, Console, Warships and Blitz communities grow from scratch to get to where they are now, it’s been a pleasure to be involved in it all.
I feel especially privileged to have played a big part in the Community Contributor initiative, helping grow and promote the various Youtubers and Streamers we have who make content for our games. I’m proud to see streamers like Circonflexes, (…) and Quickybaby get partnered with Twitch and grow their communities to where they are now. Lots of other great streamers are now following in their footsteps and have also got partnerships and grown their respective communities.
 I would like to say a special thanks to everyone for your energy over these past years and thanks especially to those people who would send random PM’s with things like “Hey man, keep it up” or “Hey thanks for being around” etc.  You guys have no idea just how much little things like that really lift up someone’s spirits and make a rough day just fade away. It was always impressive to see when people noticed my posting style change and took it upon themselves to message me something positive.
 As I have Tankfest to prep for and various other tasks to do and hand off before I leave, this will be my last post on our forums other than to answer any questions in this thread. I’ll try my best to answer all existing PM’s I have waiting for a reply. If you don’t get a reply by the end of this month then please message Cynd3r, Ph3lan, MrConway and Brynd.
It’s never easy moving on, I’ve never had to write to a wide audience to say goodbye like this and I have no idea how it will be taken or even if it will be noticed much.  As I’ve worked with you all for so long I felt it was right to say goodbye and I also wanted to quash any rumours that may come about as to where or why I’ve gone.
Good luck out there on the high seas and on the battlefields. It’s been a pleasure to represent you all.