Awesome WoWS Q&A – 30th May 2016

Thanks to Babykim, Carnotzet.
Plans about new nations, trees and premium ships.
On Saturday, developer JamesWhite appeared on Wargaming FM, where he said among other things:
1. The development of the next tree (German battleships ?) is nearing completion. The modeling of a second tree (British cruisers ?) has been finished and the models are being tuned. The modeling of a third tree has begun. The release of the third tree is planned for December, but may be postponed by 1-2 months.
2. The next nation represented in the game will be very unexpected, but definitely not the Italians, on which no work except collecting preliminary material has been done.
3. A premium German battleship of tier 4 is ready. How and when it will be made available is yet unclear.
4. The premium battleship USS Arizona will appear soon.
5. The cruiser IJN Katori will be distributed in partner bundles (Italeri).
6. There will be a German premium ship of tier 6.
7. There will be a French or an Italian premium ship this year.
8. The cruiser IJN Tone will probably not appear this year, and the game mechanics of its plane squadron are not decided.
9. The cruiser USS Salt Lake City (a Pensacola with torpedoes) has not been planned, the ship is not ready.
10. The destroyer USS Sims (open beta tier 7 ship) will be back on sales.
11. The will be no unique Japanese premium battleships or cruisers of tier 5-7 this year, but sister ships may appear.
12. The Russian cruiser Red Krimea will be distributed via a new Project R, which is planned for the second half of June.
Nothing really exclusive but the new ranked season will start in the beginning of June on the Russian servers. They will post a specific news about it.