Q&A -30th May 2016

Thanks Vlad.
From developer Slava Makarov.
– what about 50×50 battles? – we’ve played a prototype, it’s ok; (TN: 50×50, are you f**king serious?)
– LT 7 and HT 9 would for example constantly recieve penalties [in platoons], not very funny; – that’s only fixable by rebalancing LT as a whole and the appearance of tier 10 scouts, it’s being heavily discussed; balancing tier 10 LT is a pain, however;
– an average player can also do an “Orlik” [medal] in LT 8, what if bulldog and RU become tier 10? – one of the options is to change the classification as a whole, an MT can also be a scout;
– do you even have LT 10 options? – Pasholok has;
– you should’ve started with rebalancing the maps first; – maps will be fixed aswell;
– and you didn’t have the simple idea to limit arty per platoon? – of course we have, this is unnecessary since it’s just a “crutch” and won’t solve the gameplay problem – two communicating arty will wreck two non-communicating ones;
– and the Czechs are not imbalanced as Veider said? – they’re performing well, but not imbalanced;
– what about personal missions for LT and arty? – personal mission system will be redone aswell;
– where were people like you 2 years ago, when something could be done without shitting some “Rubicon” out? – I wasn’t allowed to do tanks, sorry, development in the last 2 years was led by some people who now left Wargaming;
random bits:
– regarding system to resolve teir 10 arty and tier 8 LT in platoons – no final solution yet, but I am against arty in platoons whatsoever;
– I am looking at the statistics – arty platoons are a problem for balancing, while they exist, there will be problems;
– while writing the new balancing algorithm, it also became apparent that arty platoons are a problem;
– T-64 will not come into WoT;
– arty usability should be increased, also through new functionalities;