Storm Q&A 26.05.2016

– there will be no “healing” shells;
– all balancing changes will be made on the “Sandbox” server first, the developers do not want sudden and big changes on the main server and have a plan “B” – in case of unexpected situations, they are ready to fix it immediately as not to recieve negativity;
– there will be no premium tier 6-8 artillery;
– as part of the artillery rebalance, some achievements will become unobtainable;
– +-1 balance is not planned, but instead a 3-5-7 system;
– tanks should be separated by roles – scouts, breakthrough tanks, 2nd line tanks, support etc, the balance aims to create maximum symmetry in roles over both teams;
– work on maps is being conducted, but is not a priority right now; an old colleague has returned who created old maps (Ensk, Mines etc.) and he is now working on the maps currently in-game;
– even if historical battles are to come, they will be against bots;
– novice tutorial will be improved;
– Murazor happened to be quite a sane colleague who can talk constructively if he wants; there were fears that working with him won’t turn out well but turned out to be untrue;
– new in-game music is not to be expected, it is planned but in the far future;
– “Sandbox” – feedback will be analyzed by specialists, and the whole balancing department will play on the server;
– the FV215b will probably not be replaced by the Chieftain, but by something similar to the 215b, except the turret being at the front;
– and even if the Chieftain is to be introduced, then only as a side branch, time is needed to pass through the archives;
– next event on the clan war map is in August;
– there is a bug where the stats from the novice training are accounted for in the general statistics, it will be fixed;