Tier 10 American Tank Candidate: General Electric's A-10 on Tracks

Author: SovietTenkDestroyer
I have a short but entertaining article for you. If you know what the A-10 is, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Yes, I’m serious… Well sorta’. Think of it as a Pz. I C being force fed with steroids because it is being trained to fight in a deathmatch in some future dystopia. Anyways, this is a M48 Patton with a GAU-8… Yes, you heard it, GAU-8! I know this sounds incredibly ludicrous, however, we don’t have enough novelty tanks in-game /sarcasm. To be honest, I am not really serious; this tank would most likely be weak because of how hard it would be to balance.  It would be fun to see this in-game with 4000 rounds a minute doing about 1 hp of damage or so if it can even penetrate.
General Electric’s proposal to the DIVAD program
There is not much information on this vehicle other than the tank was born out of the need of a new SPAAG during the 60’s and 70’s when the M42 Duster was removed only to be reintroduced for the Vietnam War. Various companies such as Ford, General Dynamics, Raytheon, General Electric, etc, participated on the DIVAD program with requirements to make an anti-aircraft vehicle based on the M48 Patton. General Electric presented their version of the DIVAD vehicle armed with a 30mm GAU-8 gatling gun and a cool looking turret to go with it. Ford’s proposal won and became later known as the M247 Sergeant York which was armed with two 40mm Bofors L/70 anti-aircraft guns (longer and upgraded 40mm Bofors guns we’ve been seeing on the Cruiser tanks). The tank was plagued with reliability issues and such and was considered a failure with less than ten years of service.

This DIVAD vehicle was chosen to the U.S.’s M247 Sergeant York
This the A-10’s GAU-8/A with the drum attached to it which is almost as big as a VW Beetle
Will it work in WoT? Probably not… There are other DIVAD projects with a slower rate of fire that can be considered just to let you know.  It’ll probably kill your PC since it fires sixty-seven rounds per second which is more than half if every tank fired at once during a match.  One of the arguments that I may hear in the comment section of this article is that the penetration is too much for WoT since it is able to pierce T-72s. The penetration is most likely less than what we expect. While it is true that it did well in Iraq, imagine being pounded with sixty-seven 30mm shells each second while being shot from above your T-72 which is one of the places your weakest armor is present. With that in mind, does it fit in World of Tanks now? Nope! Maybe when Wargaming runs out of tanks and PCs are able to calculate 4000 shells going at once. The rate of fire was most likely toned down for this version since the ammunition capacity was doubtlessly less than an A-10. This article was just to show options for future tier 10s. I guess we’re done… BBBBBBRRRRRRRRTTTTT!!!!!