WoWS Q&A – 25th May 2016: Cheats still work

To be clear, top tier IJN DDs will not lose any torpedo modules in patch 0.5.6 – Quemapueblos, WG NA Producer

Thanks to Carnotzet, LilJumpa, Sharana, Babykim, Takeda92
1. Please explain why Situation Awareness is not working as before patch 0.5.5.? (link to the video showing the issue)
A. We haven’t changed detection mechanics so that such an effect shouldn’t have appeared. We currently think that these issues are linked to the client repackaging and the changes we made to loading process of objects. We will continue to monitor the situation and, if necessary, we will implement a fix in one of the next updates.
2. I love tier 2 battles the most: small tier gap, no torpedoes, no CV’s. Battles focused purely on ships. However, there is a serious problem, that is players skill level. There aren’t any problem with the number of players at that tier since I can find a battle within 10 seconds. This means that many players with 2000 or 3000 battles play at that rank. At the end of the battle, I look the best players (those with 5-6 ships destroyed) profiles and they usually have 600-800 battles played at tier 2. In two months, I haven’t even reached 600 battles and here is a “sealclubber” killing half a team.
Moreover, this situation is quite demoralizing for new players who will just leave the game out of frustration.
Couldn’t you implement some sort of brackets taking into account the number of games played by players (one bracket every 500 battles or so)?
A. You can play at whatever tier you like, however, I must emphasize the fact that the game assumes players go up tiers.
New players already have a dedicated matchmaking system (sandbox) which only new players take part in for their first 30 battles. We will think about a way to introduce new players to the game more smoothly.
For the rest (the players who deliberately play a lot of battles a low tiers), well, that’s life.
3.a. Teamkillers aren’t punished hard enough. Do you plan to do something about that?
A. More severe measures will be introduced in patch 0.5.6.
3.b. When can we expect new tier 5-6 maps?

A. Likely in 0.5.7. or 0.5.8. After that, we’ll see.
4. Wouldn’t it be possible to implement quick messages to inform teammates of our consumables reload time? For example, by pressing Ctrl + the number of a consumable or armament (torpedoes, smoke, etc), it would tell the team how long till the consumable is available.
A. This is very interesting idea. In fact, it has been brought up internally but it was abandoned for various reasons. We will try to “revive” it.
5. What do you think about this matter?
[In this post, a player talks about citadel overpens and if they should inflict more damage than the current 1/10 of max damage. At the current time (8pm CET, 20 May), the poll results are as follows:

  • like right now – 10% : 12%
  • 25% max damage : 36%
  • 50% max damage : 35%
  • full damage : 17% ]

A. Distinguishing the different types of overpens is an interesting, although not new, idea.
I already said that we plan to make some game mechanics clearer. This matter is also included in that.
There’s a big discussion about mods/rules/WG EU in the german WoT community at the moment.
Two german CCs received a week ban recently because they used a mod showing the reload time of the tanks in game. The discussion is not about this mod (which was included in every big Modpack available for a long time btw), but how WG EU is handling this. In short:
– no communication whatsoever prior to the ban (these are CCs) which just said “ban due to unsportsman like conduct”
– you have to ask the support about the reason of the ban, then they tell you what the guy who made this decision at WG wrote as the reason for the ban
– support itself has no idea at all which mods are regarded illegal. They basically just say: “to be safe, don’t use mods” [ to get this answer you actually have to write 3-4 tickets or responses]
– since it only hit german CCs (Youtubers) and there are others , from different countries, who run the same modpacks it obviously takes a players report/ticket for WG EU to do something. Back to top.
There were 5 different aim assist “cheats” – 1 free and 4 paid ones. Their hacker forums says that as of 0.5.5 the free one is history, but 3 of the paid ones are working. Now after the russian “brown” and ban wave they say that 1 is detected and players using it were banned (for a week), another (the warpack one) is detected only on the players who had the lead point for CVs enabled (yes they actually made such cheat to allow potato CVs to use the manual drop and actually land good hits), while another one was used after the warnings, but so far no one got caught.
According to SubOctavian, prohibited mods and cheats are a lot more widespread on the RU server than in the other regions.
DisclaimerPlease reminded that the following informations comes from the Russian-speaking community and, as such, offers and specific projects may not apply to other clusters. Especially regarding question 6.
1. Thank you for adding AA guns on top of main turrets. However, do you plan to do the same with catapults? For example, Texas seems to be missing her main turret catapult.
A. They will be added, but much later.
2. If I understood it correctly, detonation ribbons are given to the victim as a consolation prize. Correct?
On another topic, how are credits/xp calculated when detonating another player? We know that received credits/xp are equal to the percentage of hit points we inflicted to ennemy ships (in addition to ships destroyed). So, how does that work for detonations?For example, if I inflict 20% of a ship’s health in damage before detonating it, does it mean I am rewarded only for those 20%?
A. Correct. Regarding xp/credits rewards, all damage inflicted is taken into account. In other words, you will be rewarded for having inflicted 100% of the damage – 20% from normal damage and 80% from detonation.
3. In patch 0.5.6., you’re adding AA guns on top of the main batteries of many ships. However, it seems that Imperator Nikolai hasn’t received the same treatment. Why is that?
A. Her new hull is in development. However, even if she will have AA guns on top of her turrets, it doesn’t mean they will have much effect on her AA defense. This ship is already performing very well. We don’t want to make it better.
4. From tier 5 onward, US DD’s are all equipped with dual purpose main guns. However, on the ships characteristics page, main and AA guns seem to have different names. As you can see on the screenshot below, main guns are 38mk21 mod.0 and AA guns are 38Mk21 mod.1, except for the Lo Yang, which has the same gun for both functions. Is it a bug?


A. There’s a mistake in the text. From a gameplay standpoint, those guns are working as intended.
5. Would you consider selling additional captain skills (after the 18th point) for silvers or doubloons, similarly to port slots?
A. No, we don’t plan to sell skill points.
6. There was a leak about gifting Mikasa to the players who have unlocked all the IJN ships at the end of the year, is it true? If so, does it mean tier 10 ships must be purchased or only researched? And must tier 10 upgrades be unlocked as well?
A. If I recall correctly, this information leaked from JamesWhite who said we may give such gift. We currently don’t have any more information on this topic. The matter is still being debated.
From the two recent videos by getfun:
He talks about brown players having been sighted on the RU server.
The only new information pertains to the possible awards for the forthcoming ranked games seasons, which have been recovered from the client. These include flags, sets of flags and, for the first time, amounts of doubloons. The developers have not countered the rumor, but said that additions to the client may or may not be activated in future.
A developer WellDone gave an interview on a fan site, in which he mentioned many interesting technical details about the game. Note that the majority of these has been voiced by other developers before.
1. Resolution of penetrations is currently done server side. They are working on a client-based solution for resolving damage.
2. They don’t plan to add aiming bloom that would increase accuracy when continuously holding aim on target as in tanks. They are, however, discussing dynamic accuracy concepts for battleships.
3. They are thinking of new randomization concepts for penetrations, fires and AA plane kills.
4. The nerf of Japanese destroyers has had a positive effect on gameplay.
5. In the near future the developers will be focusing on improving higher tiers gameplay. Considerable repair cost reductions are very likely.
6. The introduction of premium (gold) ammunition such as in tanks is very unlikely.
7. The Imperator Nikolai will never come back due to being over powered. They are also reluctant to reintroduce the Kitakami. The most successful premium ship in terms of the balance is the Tirpitz, which can show good results even in the hands of novice players. :trollface:
8. The issue of an equipment stash is still open.
9. A redesign of captains is forthcoming. There will be progress beyond the 19th skill point.
10. The issue of fail divisions is being looked in. A solution for higher tiers may be coming soon.
11. The new match-making engine is almost finished. No details.
12. Future ranked battles will have better match-making, voice over facility and specific achievements.
It takes approximately 3-4 teamkilled planes to get the teamkiller status (they mean when you strafe fighters and kill your teammate’s planes). Apparently, many players are not happy about this change.