WoWS: New Teamkilling Consequences

From NyxWGA, NA Dev:

Greetings Captains!

One of our overall goals is to increase player happiness, and today we are taking another step towards this goal. As most of you know, our in-game team damage system tracks TK’s and player’s may turn pink, but additional penalties do not happen automatically. We know that intentional TK’s cause everyone on the receiving end to have a bad experience. We will now be taking steps to prevent this small group of players from decreasing everyone else’s happiness.

We realize that some folks need that extra “incentive” to improve their behavior. For April, we generated a list of everyone on the server who did any teamkill damage during the month. Players will now begin to receive consequences for appearing on this list. The April list showed 2,343 accounts did some amount of ally damage.

We want to be fair here, and not penalize people for making actual mistakes, or even losing their cool and turning to fire on an ally just that one time on a bad day. In order to receive some sort of consequence, you have to have played at least 10 battles for the month, and have at least 5 TK’s.

Everyone who did TK damage in less than 10% of their battles will receive a warning. Maybe you were learning how to use torpedoes, or just had several unlucky games – we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt.

If you did TK damage in 11% or more of your battles, that signals a problem. Depending on what percentage range you fall into, you will receive a 3, 7, or 14 day ban based on April’s results. Anyone who did team damage in the large majority of their battles will be permabanned, and we won’t be accepting appeals for these. There is simply no valid excuse for that much team damage.

We plan to begin generating these lists, possibly even on a weekly basis, and providing consequences to TK’er accounts. Once you have received a consequence for TK, appearing on a list again in the future, regardless of percentage damage done, will result in harsher penalties.

TK’ers are bad for the game, and bad for your personal gaming enjoyment. Deliberate teamkilling is a bad experience for anyone on the receiving end, so insisting that folks shape up or ship out (pun intended!) should serve to improve (almost) everyone’s overall happiness.

22 thoughts on “WoWS: New Teamkilling Consequences

  1. That\’s an iron-fisted approach…
    I don\’t dislike it, but it\’s the first time in a while WG has actually done something concrete about TKing. It\’s surprising and makes me feel all funny inside.

    Glad to know I won\’t be banned.
    RIP in pepperoni DD I didn\’t see behind an island who took the full blunt of a Derpski torpedo salvo.
    Your death will not be avenged.

  2. i wonder what is the team damage limit to make a match count as a match where you did tk damage… or is it that only if you did kill an ally ship disregard how much damage you did it would count

    because if people are banned if they accidentally rammed into an ally ship (or hit them with 1 shell shooting while passing by) more often than 1 time per 10 battles it would be funny

  3. Cool, good to know I can team damage every 10th battle with impunity. [/sarcasm]

    1. My thought exactly. Why tell these assholes what they can get away with….

  4. What\’s really important in that thread: No plans to bring Kitakami, at least not at the moment :-/

  5. So will they count when ally ships run into you as team damage? if so i think more than 10% of battles will have team damage for a lot of people!

  6. If bumping into a friendly ship counts as team damage, we can expect a large number of players getting banned soon :/ IMHO this is a bad approach, the previus system was sufficient :/

  7. The biggest problem are DD\’s captains who shot their torpedos totaly carelessly.

      1. DD or Atago captains should finally realize, that it is their duty to make sure that the torp wouldn\’t run into a friendly ship. If you are afraid of griefers, simply don\’t launch torps near a friendly.

        1. Never sunk a friendly never torped a friendly why cruisers think they should go play infront of DD\’s is the main issue, why they change course when you track them going straight you launch your torps then they decide to drive into them is the issue I\’ve seen it happen so many times.

          Like I said early pink DD players in my experience always finish high on the team list, WG should take away the mechanic to team damage just like they should in WOT, this tool to resolve the issue will not fix it, it\’ll only encourage players to grief more.

  8. Warning every player who did any team damage is frankly ridiculous, so doing 1 shot that hits an allie warrants a warning. Seriously WG this is Gaijin type move.

    Also would be interesting to now what WG plans to do with the deliberate griefers who deliberately turn into tops or deliberately go right infront of your guns.

    Simply speaking why is it that Wg are so retarded to simply take away the function to able to do team damage.

    If everyone is now going to be warned about team damage even if it is just once that you have done it then surely even WG can see that the functionality to team damage is just bs.

    Every game I see pink players but at the end of the battle the pink players finish amongst the highest ranked players.

    Is it just the fact that you are more likely to sink a ally by playing DD\’s and playing them actively all it takes is a retard who drives across a dd to get himself rekt when I see players doing this 9/10 times it is the fault of the player who is sunk rather than the DD player…..!

    I think WG are taking a stick to resolve a problem that they have created within the core game mechanics, and as such players will be falsely warned and punished.

  9. Wow, it is so difficult to withhold a shot or a torp launch? Thats news to me. And according to your logic, a ship should constantly dodge not only enemy\’s torps but also friendlie\’s? Players with similar thinking are the very reason why WG took such an action and I very much welcome it.

    1. any cruiser which insists on being closer to the enemy than your dd is at risk of catching a friendly torpedo, same for an allied dd; that danger lasts for several minutes and if you withhold of launching torps, you make your team effectively have one ship less for all those minutes

      1. So maybe use your guns if you are a second line cruiser? As for the DDs, they shouldn\’t hide behind friendly ships anyway (except maybe gunships, but in that case sniping with 4-5 km range torps should be punished twice).

        1. why would you use your guns when you are a stealth-ed DD?? why would you give your position away, the logic is that cruiser drivers player their ship badly drive of course and what you expect is that all DD players should play passive because your cruiser allies are playing so badly that they are actually helping the enemy. I am sorry but no as a player who has not TK\’d on the live server it really frustrates me to see cruisers blocking DD torp paths,

  10. cant talk for WoWs here since i dont play it. but i guess its fairly same in WoT. when i do teamdamage, and i do, its cause of teammates are braindead.

    shielding enemy, blocking/pushing me on purpose when under fire, using my tank as a meatshield when i when wasnt spotted…

    telling players what they do wrong doesnt work. they either dont care or dont understand. it only gives you chatbans…

    if WG would really want to solve these problems with teamdamage/botting/toxiticy etc. etc. they would simply come up with a skill-based MM. everything else is cosmetic.

  11. ha! they can post my teamkill statistics all they want. i am the arty teamkill king of world of tanks. as long as wargaming delay that fucking balancing they promised 2 years ago, and arty 1 shot kills me, i put every arty on my hostile list and teamkill them at every possibility.

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