8 thoughts on “TAP Fun – funny, bizarre and meh

  1. i know its not professional

    but WoT can get really stressful, so seeing these articles made my day

    specially that video. loooove the voice over of the amx and is-3

  2. Lol piroman – those are reposts from ages ago 😀
    If you really want some stuff – go copy paste Terrible E100 Driver whole thread.

    Or convert wargag.ru to gifs or translate – dunno. Thats what I used to do.

  3. Dear Woras,

    as I told you many times before, I would really love to see you doing an article, but doing some fun stuff would be a great thing too. I use G+ as a source for these, and it isn\’t very developed WOT media, hence the old stuff. Please join me in this effort to bring some laughs to TAP visitors. Yup, thank you and hvala!

    1. Article. About what? Why AW is bad? Why WoT is bad? That belongs in feedback section 😀

      And funny stuff – never did anything else.
      Comedy is serious stuff.

  4. Respected Woras,

    I love you! Yes please both articles!!! Next \”TAP Fun – funny, bizarre and meh\” is in 7 days, so please prepare your stuff for Saturday…

  5. I\’ve took a break from my second house, so now I have time for TAP 🙂 🙂 🙂 Common lazy bag, move your ass and be productive…

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