WoWS: WG NA Not Allowed to Sell Gremyashchy

From Boyarsky, WoWS dev:

Gremy is too op, we are not allowed to sell it, even after the embargo…

WG at its finest ๐Ÿ˜‰

28 thoughts on “WoWS: WG NA Not Allowed to Sell Gremyashchy

  1. translation: you keep putting trade restrictions on our country. so we gonna put one on you.

      1. on russia. aka the country WG loves more than anyone else (Bias-3, Bias-6, X-meds)

        all of EU and America\’s allies have various trade restrictions placed on russia right now, and as a result Russia\’s economy is really suffering. On top of a hike in food prices on alot of non native foods.

        the trade blockade is to encourage russia to gtfo of ukraine and punish them for invading crimea. but putin isn\’t listening (easy to do when your the leader and get first dibs on whatever it is you want to eat)

        other restrictions include various raw materials, and electronics.
        you know how 50% of russians are playing WoT on a computer that doesn\’t even reach min specs (according to a WG survey).
        well yeah, that isn\’t likey to change anytime soon due to the blockade.

        and over the past year, they\’ve put more and more trade restrictions on russia.

        1. And ruskieland wont collapse ๐Ÿ˜€ All and all – whats there to collapse? Tundra? Snow tundra?

          1. they\’ll collapse in time. when the citizens realize the reason they paying 10x what they used to for food, or the reason tons of stuff is costing them half their entire paycheck. is because their idiot of a leader is refusing to pull \”vacationing\” troops out of ukraine.

            that. or when mothers get tired of their kids dying in a war they shouldn\’t be in.

            seriously. fk Putin.

            1. You rely too much on \”people\”. They are brainwashed drunkards ๐Ÿ˜€

              1. even better!
                when they get pissed at their beer(or vodka) being watered down and costing 5x as much

                they\’ll riot.

        2. dude, you are funny

          raw materials? russia export those it doesn\’t need to import them

          electronics? it\’s not even funny. usa doesn\’t export electronics to russia, most of russian electronics is made in china, also i never heard about any electronics embargo or shortages in any way. visit any russian on-line electronics shop (for instance and see yourself

          generally all these embargos barely have any effect. russian economy responds to the oil prices, when those dropped, rouble sharply dropped too and it lead to significantly increased prices for some stuff including electronics and food which you mentioned (though not that much as the rouble dived and food prices didn\’t really increase significantly, electronics priced were hit worse), but it has almost nothing to do with any sanctions or embargo, merely with the price of oil and how it affects the course of rouble, pre dive nobody saw any effect of the sanctions whatsoever

          also speaking about food, it\’s vice versa there, russia refused to buy food from a few western countries as a response for the sanctions to hurt their economy. considering that russia doesn\’t in any way depend on salmon from norvey or cheese from france and that it always can buy a lot of food from china etc it wasn\’t a bad move

    1. oh, who cares about those embargos. the only thing russia cares of it\’s the price of oil

      also leaving politics aside, i believe that gremy isn\’t sold on any server exactly for that reason, it\’s indeed to op and to be sold again should be seriously nerfed

  2. Good keep it that way, I don\’t want anymore around except mine

  3. I suppose NA players won\’t be able to purchase the Sims either.. Too broken.

    Oh wait…

  4. \” lol Exocet, you\’re stupid, you should have put an extra 5โ‚ฌ in the beta and gotten yourself a SIms, it\’s way better!\” -Every Sims player during pre-order.

    Who\’s laughing now? :\’D

    1. not me. i got yubari
      i should have gotten either of the other 2 =/
      instead of the 1 pack that has a destroyer with a citadel still in it…….

      1. If it\’s some consolation, they did mention that the Yubari was crap, and want to fix it….

        I\’m not laughing at you, like I\’m not laughing at all the other Yubari owners…the nerfs were nothing short of tragic.
        I will sink a hundred ships with my Grem in your honor.

        (it\’ll only take about an hour :\’D )

      2. I regret to have bought the Sims every time I see it in my port. :\'(
        Can\’t we ask to WG for an exchange Sims-Gremy? :p

    2. Who the hell plays Sims these days? Also:
      Sims are alive? I thought they were dead.

      1. People who don\’t have the Mahan, Kiev or Kurwa.

        What sad, sad lives they must live.

    3. You should have, Sims is a great, long range torps and firing the guns while invisible. Just a different playstyle than when in beta.

      1. Except the long range torps have no damage for tier 7. Even the short range torp option is only as good as a stock Farragut, a tier 6 DD. And all DDs can stealth gun with AFT, with USN ones being the worst at it due to high shell arcs.

  5. I got the package Sims Gremy and murmansk. very early, play all 3 but yes WG is still nerfing premium ship. my warspite is tragic now. they should give us gold in compensation.

  6. I suppose I\’m just glad that I picked up the combo pack with all the pre-order ships. The Grem is the one I sail the most, though.

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