Hungarian tanks in WoT?

THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES VLAD (he is very very busy these days)

Recently, Polish tanks were rumored to come into WoT, some of which were already tested on the supertest, and might come this year already. Now, information about Hungarians has arrived.

Sources from Minsk tell that a group is collecting data about the 43M Zrinyi.
It is not known whether it will be a premium or a personal mission reward, or even appear in the regular tech tree. At the moment, only guesses can be taken.

The game, as you might know, already contains two Hungarian tanks, the Turan III prototipus and the 43m Toldi III, which are in the German tree.

In 2014, FTR was collecting information and speculating about a Hungarian tree, where the premium speculations have been spot-on for now.

Seb: Karika is our friend too (we spoke to him on the forums). His Hungarian tech tree proposal is complete and he sent it to WG. We’ll see how it turns out, but WG needs to stop using nations with few tanks for making premiums.

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  1. Welp, that\’s some great news, if never the whole tech tree would come 😀

    1. Silence, imbecile!
      They might hear your babbling and take it seriously! O_O

  2. Would this tech tree be more complete, or just like the Czech one?
    Also, 43M Zrinyi seems like a Stug mixed with a not-so-powerful SU-152 xd

    1. It would be a TD and a Medium+Light line up until Tier VII. After Tier VII it would be russian copies, or nothing and it would end at Tier VII.


      They could put it into the German tree, the TD line could lead into Jagdpanther/Jagdpanther II and the Medium line could lead into the Panther/Panther II as they were similar tanks. Just look up Tas medium tank and Tas romahlöveg.

      1. We have yet to know the exact plans for the tanks of my beloved country.
        Since Hungarian tanks are more-or-less based on Swedish tank designs (as well as Czech), we might actually have something akin to my proposed plans of making a combined Swedish-Hungarian tree.
        So no high tier clones, but actual Swedish tanks.

        Well. Only time can tell.
        But one thing. NO PREMIUM GERMAN BULLSHITS.

        1. Why the F not? At the moment it would be stupid to make them Hungarian if there will never be a Hungarian tree because the crews will be useless.

          1. Did you hear the news of that they will possibly turn the Rudy into a Polish tank once the Polish tree is out? Making the Hungarian tanks Hungarian would take the same effort.
            Oh, and please don\’t tell me that you really depend on a tier 3 and tier 5 \’crew trainer\’ premium tank to function.

            Also, the Hungarian tree is already built up to tier 7, passing up this opportunity would be stupid.

            1. Making the Hungarian tanks Hungarian would take the same effort.

              Yeah, put them into the Hungarian tree AFTER regular researcheable lines will be introduced for it. Until then I will find more use of them if they are in the German tree.

              1. So basically your only problem is that you don\’t want your prem tanks to be removed before an official Hungarian tech tree is out.

                1. No. My problem is that if there won\’t be a normal Hungarian tree, but the premiums will be transferred into the Hungarian tree they will be less useful than what they are now.

                  1. Hungarian tanks are unique, the chance of discarding them is minimal, WG is not that stupid.

                    So, calm your tits, the prems that are in the game will remain German until the actual tree is out. Capisce?

  3. If its name contains \”43M\”, I hope it wont be as desperately shitty as the Toldi…(a fix for its stats would be welcome)

      1. It looks awesome and powerful.
        But I know WG and I also know not only good raw stats are needed to make a good vehicle. (ex: the Toldi. good pen for its Tier, but dispersion is HORRIBLE, dpm inexistant and the tank is blind.) A lot depends on balancing factors.

        Imagine if WG puts it at Tier 4 with good terrain resistance, ok dispersion and 320m view range => super tank
        Imagine of WG puts it a Tier 5, with 270m vr, 0.6 acc, 4rpm, 12km/h backwards and Hellcat dispersion.=> crap
        Well, a bit extreme as an example, but so you can imagine..

        1. Yes, I get what you are saying and i agree with you. However, these tanks are well documented and they are in Kubinka, so WG only have to do what they have been doing in the past year: go there, scan the tank, gather the info from the archives and it is done. There is little to nothing to fuck up.

          For the record: the Zrínyi has a power-to-weight ratio of around ~12, so it won\’t be super fast. Prepare for a hard hitting gun.

          1. Never underestimate the fuckup power of WG. 🙂

            Everytime I\’m about to forget, I think about the fact they gave 2,7s aim time on the Sentinel\’s gun and put the T-28E at Tier 4, with its Tier 6 gun, 380hp and 350m vr. 😛

            But I\’m impatient to see it IG and I hope that if WG ends up making a german premium out of it, to at least give it special hungarian camo and emblems (like for Sentinel).

            1. Well. Let\’s just hope that they don\’t hate us so much that they fuck us over thrice.

          2. They don\’t even need to gather the archives as Karika gathered almost if not all things. WG just need to ask him.

            I think the gun would work somewhat like the 105mm derp on the Hetzer and Stug III Ausf. B

            1. You know how WG is about actually asking people for help.
              But yeah, derp-derp-derp!

                    1. Nice, could be interesting, but I never liked the 122mm derp un the SU-85.

  4. WERE IS THE ITALIAN TREE For Fuck Sake , only one of the 3 Members of the AXIS, FFS, I mean seriously

    1. Patience, young unicum. You have to learn how to control your feelings first.

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