War Thunder 1.59 – New Missile Tank + Tank Destroyer

Following the IT-1 “Drakon” missile tank Devblog, a new mechanics for  wire-guided SACLOS Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) has been confirmed in upcoming War Thunder patch 1.59. Another missile tank has been spotted over the horizon, along with a new tank destroyer.

M551 Sheridan – U.S. Light Tank

Type: Light tank
Origin: United States
In service: 1969–1996
Wars: Vietnam War

Weight: 15.2 tons
Length:  6.3 m
Width: 2.8 m
Height: 2.3 m
Crew: 4 (Commander, gunner, loader, driver)

Main armament: 152 mm Rifled Gun M81 ×1
-20 HEAT / HE rounds
-9 MGM-51 Shillelagh missiles
Secondary armament:
-12.7 mm M2HB flexible heavy machine gun (1,000 rounds) ×1
-7.62 mm M73 coaxial machine gun (3,000 rounds) ×1

Engine: Detroit Diesel (General Motors) 6V53T
Power/weight: 19.7 hp/ton
Suspension: Torsion bar
-70 km/h (road)
-5.8 km/h (swimming)


Selbstfahrlafette auf VK30.01(H) “Sturer Emil” – German Heavy Tank Destroyer

Type: Heavy tank destroyer
Origin: Germany
In service: 1942-1943
Wars: World War II

Weight: 15.2 tonnes
Length: 9.7 m
Width: 3.16 m
Height: 2.7 m
Crew: 5 (Commander, gunner, loader, loader, driver)

Main armament: 128 mm PaK 40 L/61 ×1

Engine: Maybach HL 116
Power/weight: 8.57 hp/ton
Suspension: Torsion bar
Speed: 25 km/h (road)


Source (thanks to Omero):

These vehicles should be able to fill additional slots for each nations for multiple gameplay experience, respective to their tech tree line characteristics. 😀
I expect the M551 Sheridan to be located right after T92 Light Tank & Sturer Emil after Nashorn.

6 thoughts on “War Thunder 1.59 – New Missile Tank + Tank Destroyer

  1. War Thunder – only place where Sheridan\’s missiles actually work.

    Seb\’s Far Lafayette auf VK30.01(H) “Stubborn Emil”

    1. Hold on, we\’re talking about a US tank in War Thunder here…
      Technically working about being a working weapon are two completely different things.

      Exhibit A: The awful Sherman EsomethingAsomething (76) being at the same BR as the T-34-85.

      One has a barely functional gun, the other has a nuke cannon capable of penetrating more than what it has listed in the stats card.

    1. Got to admit, it is.
      -BR System is getting obsolete with more vehicles to come.
      -Fix : New Feature ratio is very handicapped, leaving game-breaking bug ignored.
      -Too much Soviet-sided development


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