9.15: Physics Video Comparison

This is a Russian video that shows how unintended passageways and similar map exploits due to physics were removed. Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “9.15: Physics Video Comparison

  1. It\’s a shame WG is blocking access to these positions. I mean, if one of them proves to be too strong, go ahead, block it, but most of them were very situational.

  2. Some of this I can see is fine. I mean underwater tanking seems silly.

  3. good change! i love it. stops assholes from reaching places they shouldnt. i had enough about being flanked from a scout that hides behind an island or mountain that they shouldnt be allowed on.

  4. Well I see the mittengard one was not shown. As in you can get to the top of the hill you spawn on both sides in a fast tank like the T2 Light or T7CC. Or even the hill above the TD camping spot on Arctic Region\’s north base. I hope they fixed those to.

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