18 thoughts on “Tetrarch available on EU


    I dont remember – when it was given away – wot still had gold for gold?

  2. Good tank. But current state of the low Tiers (maps and thus meta) is a no-no.
    Mine is a garage decoration.

    1. Really? 121 gold pen \”for when the T18 was trolling\”. Fast, agile and high ROF and great camo. It\’s a great bully tank, even on mines. And the map rotation for tier 1 & 2 is not just 2 maps anymore. So there is still a chance for some good bully fun. And tier 3 has had more maps added to. So when you are not top tier there is still variation in there and not just ruinberg.

  3. Link is broken, nor do I see it in the store. Tho I already have one. Is it one of those specials only some accounts get via email like the last time?

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