War Thunder Q&A – 16th May 2016

Thanks to Redditor lordikioner

Here you go, guys) Another translation with some great news from leading dev of WT team!

1) ATGM vehicles are planned for EVERY GF tree in the game, and, most certainly, in the same patch;

2) 1.59 patch will be really large. Devblogs are planned to be posted every day (1-2 a day) starting next week. A lot of new planes and tanks;

3) They disclosed how repair cost is calculated. Efficiency (deaths/ kills ratio) is the main factor in repair costs. More effective – more your plane or tank costs;

4) They are planning on decreasing repair costs, but “No promises”tm ;

5) They are planning on adding a “bunch” top tanks for every nation in the game, most certainly in 1.61;

6) Every patch few most popular tanks (playtime wise) will get additional armor modification;

7) M551 Sheridan is coming out. Will be in a light tank tree, tier 5, will have ATGMs and HE/HEAT shells. It won’t swim, at least now. Mainly, because in real life it could either shoot or swim (pic related) and didn’t have a special engine or water gun to swim, it could swim only using its tracks;

7) Another floating/swimming tank is planned for 1.59. Suggestions?;

8) At least two SPGs for USSR are planned this patch;

9) ASU-85 is Work In Progess (Sweet);

10) Sturer Emil (Tier 4, TD, -15 for the main gun (like Dicker)) confirmed to come out this patch. BVV_d: “It will have the most powerful gun in the game (joules wise)”. On the tier 4 only maybe? 128 mm, 60 calibers long. Sturer will be faster than Dicker Max;

11) Ontos is “I won’t tell any info right now”;

12) IS-6 is not in the nearest plans, but may come out;

13) Tu-4 is “Wait for devblogs”. Supposedly, to come out this patch;

14) New heavy tanks for USA (T29 was mentioned) are planned;

15) Bombs were reworked according to real life bombing results and polygons (of course also RL) bombing info;

16) T-62 is coming out. Work In Progress;

17) They are thinking about PTABS, but not sure;

18) !!! They are planning to add anti-tank rockets (not guided) for planes;

19) Navy is under NDA;

20) Smokes shells (not grenades, shells that you shoot with your gun) are planned (in the closed test right now). Only tanks that had them will have them in the game (USA you can party);

21) Historical scopes – no news, it is too complicated, they have something more important to work on. If they come out it will be an option in the interface;

22) Smoke arty is not excluded to be added;

23) Models for tanks and aircrafts will be improved (Mentioned Spitfire IX and T 54);

24) Shilka, Gepard and Vulcan will come out;

25) New jets are planned;

26) !!! French tree: they are planning on releasing full ground forces tree and air forces tree devblogs. It is Work In Progress!!! Of course when it will be ready (this year?);

27) They don’t have any plans on supersonic jets;

28) He also mentioned that Tier 5 TD for germans may be ATGM vehicle.


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13 thoughts on “War Thunder Q&A – 16th May 2016

  1. War Thunder – where graphics and physics are absolute top notch but gameplay is for really specific person.
    For tanks that is.
    Planes are dead on how plane game should be πŸ˜€

  2. \”Sturer will be faster than Dicker Max;\”

    WoT players would be happy to have their 25 km/h mobile cardboard home moving suddenly at over 40 km/h πŸ˜€

    Or when you give the previously tier 6 VK 30.01 (H) mobility πŸ˜‰

    1. Sturer the fucking Emil – the only tank that I love where others mostly hate with passion.
      Scored 9 kills while moving 50 meters from spawn πŸ˜€

      1. Once I got the 128 on mine, it became the bee\’s knees. Speaking of 128, my Emil bounced one last night from a jpanther II. He wasn\’t to happy.

  3. \”3) They disclosed how repair cost is calculated. Efficiency (deaths/ kills ratio) is the main factor in repair costs. More effective – more your plane or tank costs;\”

    Punishing good playing or rewarding bad playing. Pick your poison.

      1. Why πŸ™ ? It\’s just another terrible game-design.choice made by Gaijin, one of many that makes their game bad.

          1. Oh you thought it was aimed at the post? Nope, just at Gaijin. I don\’t get that choice of theirs, because it does the exactly wrong thing.

            And thanks for fixing the terrible posting πŸ˜‰

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