WoWS Q&A – 12th May 2016

Thanks to Babykim, Carnotzet.

This information is taken from the recent news digest by getfun


I skip some information pertaining to the 0.5.6 patch notes, as this information was provided on the EU server. I apologize if some of the information provided below is known.

1. The Russian tier 5 premium cruiser, the better Svetlana, will be called Krasnyi Krym (Red Krimea), not Profintern. The developers initially expected negative reaction on the more historical but perhaps also more controversial name in light of the recent political developments, but instead were met with strong pressure by the RU player base to choose the historical name.

2. An alternative hull for the cruiser Hipper featuring the Atlantic bow is forthcoming in 0.5.6.

3. The Königsberg gets a plane.

4. The Iowa (33 knots) and Montana (30 knots) top speeds will change.

5. The Aoba gets 1,500 additional hit points.

6. Torpedo soup. The developers observe a 5 percent reduction in the ship torpedo damage to tier X battleships. Further measures for nerfing torpedo soups will be taken. But these additional measures will be less drastic than those in 0.5.5. Following the negative reception of the patch 0.5.3, the developers are reluctant to introduce significant changes.

^Seb: The Q&A above is not 100 percent confirmed, so please take with a big round grain of salt since it comes from a Russian community contributor ^

Some news about matchmaking from the Russian forums.

Please remember this is information found on the Russian forums and thus it may not represent the opinion of players on other clusters.

The post starts with a poll about whether the matchmaker should take into account players’ skill. As of now (12 May 00:00), about 70% say no (from a total of about 100 voting players).

However, the important part comes from Vallter_, who responded to the thread. Apparently, a fairly large survey is being conducted on the Russian cluster where players are randomly chosen before a battle to take part in it. Then, after said battle, they are asked to rate the matchmaking. These answers, along with several other details (team composition, maps played, etc.) are transmitted to WG analysts, who examine the data. In brief, they are collecting data to see how to improve the matchmaking for most players.

They are fully aware that the matchmaker is far from perfect and are working on improving it. By doing this survey, they wanted to understand better what to change precisely and what shouldn’t be made worse.

However, a player raised a valid concern. He suggested that the survey be made before the battle begins since players are heavily affected by emotions after the battle ends.

To this, Vallter_ responds that, for now, they can only give out survey at the end of a battle.

Divisions are also affecting the matchmaking in some weird way (one team having more ships than the other). That is why they plan to accurately fix division balancing.

Seb: The second part of the q&a is on the other hand completely true.