Even MORE Murazor Q&A – this guy just doesn’t know when to stop

Poor Vlad, he translated a lot today (you know how to show your support!

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– when will more details come regarding the balance testing / test server? – can’t tell deadlines, but more details will come very soon;
– Pankov said that the “Sandbox” is the rebalance of low tier tanks, or do I misunderstand? – “Sandbox” is the name of the server;
– why does the KV-2 have more HE penetration than O-Ni or O-Ho, that’s unfair; – because unlike them, KV-2 doesn’t have tons of armor;
– is the global rebalance aimed at minimizing randomness in the gameplay, or in contrast, make the game for lucky people? maybe if +-25% were removed, the game would be more enjoyable? – random is good, the problem does not lie in +-25% rolls;
– will the American T23 stop suffering from low penetration after global rebalance? – it doesn’t suffer even now;
– there was a question whether 88 L/56 will get 191 APCR pen, you said no, but on the test it has 200mm; – the Czech has 200mm, the rest 171;
– in which department do you work? maybe then the questions will be more on topic; – this won’t be beneficial for you: I work in R&D, as Special Projects Expert;
– with BiA, ventilation, and combat rations, is the gun precision affected? would a gun with 0.35 have 0.33 after the abovementioned modifications? or only stabilization and aimtime? – everything gets better;
– 4-5 slots in a platoon? – no such platoons, 5 players can play team battles;
– there were models of tanks long ago like T-35, NbFz, FCM 2C, FCM F1 etc., why aren’t they in the game? because of lack of multi-turret mechanism or balancing? – we don’t need locomotives; (Seb: cries and weeps internally)
– do you know which criteria are relevant for selection for the “Sandbox” test? do I have a chance with 29k 56%? – I don’t know the criteria, but there should be representatives of any player category;
– which tier 6 is better, KV-2 or O-I? – O-I

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