9.15 Supertest Patchnotes – Technical Changes

Supertest 1: Changes in Version 0.9.15 vs Version 0.9.14

Game Features

  1. Updated the display of vehicle characteristics in the Garage.
    • Added a preview screen which allows you to preview any vehicles that you have not yet purchased in the 3D scene (available via the Research screen in the Tech Tree).
    • Simplified vehicle characteristics which are now arranged into five expandable groups.
    • Changed the list of main characteristics (added new characteristics to the list).
    • Vehicle characteristics are now dynamically updated to reflect any changes to vehicle crew, equipment, or modules.
    • Added the information to tooltips about the way modules, equipment, and consumables influence the vehicle’s characteristics.
  2. Implemented Basic PvE Tutorial:
    •   Changed the composition of the team, the teams now have 15 players from each side.
    •   Reduced the waiting time in queue, added the ability to launch a battle as a solo player.
    •   Added a starting point at the upper base.
    •   Implemented alternative bot behavior scenarios on the Mittengard and Mines maps.
  3. Changed the base capture bar. Added the information about the number of capturers and the time left until the base is captured.
  4. Enabled the “Save addressee in battle” by default for all players, which forces the system to remember the last addressee in Chat until the end of the battle.
  5. Added a warning that informs the player that the battle is coming to an end.
  6. Improved several aspects of the improved vehicle movement physics:
    • Fixed an issue where sudden, overly high damage was caused when sliding downhill.
    • Decreased the probability that player vehicles would overturn when performing a manoeuvre.
    • Fixed the issue with vehicles getting stuck to other vehicles or objects.
  7. Reworked existing filters as well as added new ones to the vehicle carousel in the Garage.

  1. Added sound events on activation of the Camouflage Net and Binocular Telescope.
  2. Added the ability to select the type of the sound system in the Sound tab of Settings, which allows you to further fine-tune the positioning of sound sources in battle.
  3. Only Platoon in which all vehicles are of the same tier can join the battle. Implemented warnings and advisory recommendations on selecting vehicle in Platoons that have “tag-alongs” in them.
  4. When playing in a Platoon, you will earn bonus experience that will depend on the Tier of the vehicle in which you fought the battle.
  5. Added a new aiming indicator — full circle.
  6. Added two new magnification options — x16 and x25.
  7. Reworked the appearance of the number of shells in battle.
  8. Added the promoscreen display button.
  9. Added the readings for latency and server state in the login screen and the Garage.

Technical Tasks

  1. Re-designed a number of personal missions (improved the logic behind them).
  2. Optimised the interfaces of drop-down menus and tooltips.
  3. Performed a switch to CoreEngine 3.0:
    • implemented a number of technical solutions that allowed for an increase in:
      • Client performance, up to 30% on certain PC configurations:
      • Average FPS has significantly increased for Improved Graphics preset.
      • Average FPS has slightly increased (up to 15%) for Standard Graphics preset.
    • Reworked the system of FX lighting for Improved Graphics preset. As a result, smoke and explosions now look more natural in the in-game environment.
    • Added the ability to use the modern DX11 graphics API. Because of this, we advise you to download the latest driver software for your graphical card from the manufacturer’s website.


Improved the Mittengard and Mines maps in order to comply with the requirements of the newly released PvE Tutorial:

  1. Balanced out the teams; 15v15 play is now possible in all current scenarios.
  2. Added the support of the scenarios of playing solo (14 bots + 1 players in one team against 15 bots).


  1. Replaced the Waffenträger auf E 100 with the Grille 15.
  2. Adjusted the parameters of the following vehicles:
    • Kanonenjagdpanzer
    • А-32
    • T-22 med.
    • 59-Patton
    • M56 Scorpion
    • T95E2
    • 112
    • STA-2
    • Pz.Kpfw. V/IV and Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha
    • T-54 ltwt.
    • T95E6
    • O-Ni
    • O-I Experimental
    • O-I
    • Achilles
    • Challenger
    • Heavy Tank No. VI, Škoda T 40, and other vehicles that have the 88 mm L/56 guns.
  3. Added the following vehicles for testing by Supertest players:
    • KV-4 Kreslavskiy
    • Object 268 Variant 5
    • T71 CMCD
    • Т-45
  4. Reworked 19 vehicles for HD quality:
    • Т-46, Т-127, BT-7, Т-80, SU-85B, Т-43, SU-122-54, Object 430
    • Pz.Kpfw. 38(t), VK 30.01 (P)
    • T1 Cunningham, T67, M6
    • AMX 13 90
    • Bishop, Centurion Mk. I
    • WZ-131
    • Chi-He, Chi-Nu Kai
  5. Improved the visual and collision models of the following vehicles: T-34-85, StuG Ausf. G, Type 62