Victor Kislyi Video Interview

English with Serbian subtitles.

Important stuff inside:

-WG wants to expand Esports on the global scale

-boring self praising

-more boring self praising

-WG reinsvests the money earned from WoT back into the game (Seb: yeah sure)

-WoT is not over – the game is still developed and WG tries to surprise players with new tanks, maps, physics, etc, to become better.

-Victor was a gamer since the 80s and he loves Civilization a lot (all of them, from 1 to 5), he also met Sid Meier. Kislyi likes Panzer General and Warlords – strategy games in general;

-Victor plays WoT on the RU server with his real name and listens to Russian feedback in-game, positive or negative (he does not use the chat filter) and hears lots of Russian curses

-„Happy players” – main objective of WG, also they may make games of other genres and try to adapt to the new markets (mobile, VR)