Q&A – 17th April 2016

Konstantiv Soldatov announced that next week, official information about 9.15 will come. He also said that the Type 4 Heavy will possibly be buffed. The patch should come shortly after 9th May.

Soldatov also announced the following:

– Jumping reticle will be fixed, but work on this hasn’t started yet;

– Decals (hits on tanks) will be worked on;

Soldatov leaked more info about the patch:

– The problem with maps dropping repeatedly will be solved, it will however take time;

– Sounds and physics will be further worked on in 9.15;

– Rebalance of artillery will come for sure. Info on this will come in May-June. Artillery will be acting more like a support class;

– The buff of some specific premium tanks (a list was posted earlier) was heavily requested;