Japanese Tiger ASIA Fail – Part 2

Thanks to DoctorDeath for sending me this! Taiwan #1 😛

UPDATE: In the end to rectify the situation, Tanitha hassled the head office to get the rental tank, 7 days premium, and missions for everyone. And succeeded.

Remember the Japanese Tiger missions being sent to a lot more players than planned, right? Well the saga continues…

In short: the missions could not be activated by active players (were useless) so WG decided everyone that entered the codes can do the mission. But lots of players said that actually they did nothing but still got the lend Japanese Tiger, 7 days premium account, and a mission to get the permanent tank. I am the opposite extreme case. I got nothing, neither the lend Japanese Tiger nor the mission, of course no email with the code and premium time. There are some people like me, they still did not receive anything. I already looked in every corner of my gmail, SPAM, promotions, all emails, etc. No, nothing related to this event. I wrote tickets to WG but still no reply, I entered WoT many times, still nothing changed. I have 2 friends, they nearly play WoT every day, they all received the 30 days-lend Japanese Tiger and 7 days premium account & missions. It is not about paying money to WG or buying stuff before, some people paid 3000 NTD (Taiwan dollars), still did not get the things. I don’t know why this happens, it’s really unfair to us.

So let’s recap:

-WG gives random emails to players with missions for the Jap Tiger;

-Many active  players recieve missions and many are ignored even if they bought stuff from the Premium Shop before;