Greek Vasilifs Konstantinos Battleship

From our reader GrimmaceNA:

Greetings everyone, today I am continuing with the battleships that could have been built for Greece. Today’s battleship was named the Vasilifs Konstantinos. Ordered from France as a fourth member of the Bretagne class. Work was started in 1914 but of course the Great War ended construction on this as well.

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To be armed with 10-13.4 inch guns in 5 turrets.  Range of the main guns was actually pretty short with the French ships. The French increased the gun elevation of the class between the World Wars. Secondaries were very impressive with 22-5.5 inch guns, 12-3 inch guns, 4 underwater torpedo tubes and up to 30 mines. Max speed would have been around 20 knots.

I feel Konstantinos would fit well with tier 5 if some AA was added. It would play similar to the New York with a faster reload but shorter range. The armor might be on the weak side but I am sure it could be balanced.

(Source: All The World’s Battleships)