Victor Kislyi Meets World of Tanks Players


In short :

  • WG admits they did mistakes and didn’t really listen to the players, so they changed their strategy
  • 9.14 is the example of their new strategy and is considered as success since it’s globally positive
  • Some people got put away, some came back, especially two persons who worked on the game and “made a game that everyone liked” : Slava Makarov and Sergei Burkatovskiy
  • 10 “old” premium tanks will be buffed (“not good enough”, “not comfortable to play”)
  • Rampage mode will be “gone for good” in the next update, but some of the mode’s mechanics can reappear into the game in the future
  • Rebalance is a very huge project for WG now, it’s considered before doing anything important. Making each nation and vehicle type “unique” is included, it’s a “global rebalance” : their use, shooting distances, speeds, rotations (new physics are taken into account)
  • The previous “error fix” was an error : “If the matchmaking is disliked, then we will just fix it. If they don’t like a map, then let’s delete it”
  • Time will be taken, so the rebalance will be done “nicely” and won’t “break the whole system”
  • “Everyone hates arty, except those who play them”, so it will be rebalanced as well, while taking into account maps, changes to maps, other classes, shooting distances, the matchmaker, etc
  • About the matchmaker’s rebalance, “there are no easy solutions like +/- 1 level” or “one tier platoons”. They are good ideas but should be seen with the tanks’ rebalance
  • Only positive remarks and feedback system : we should be able to just select a player, congratulate and send. Dynamic platoons are part of this logic. “Facebook-style” is simple and has been “added on the list”
  • The global rebalance could come next year
  • Victor is happy to be where he is and that WG is where it is. They have ups and downs with Rubicon, this is why “we discuss and that some aren’t happy”. Victor is happy in general to be in a gaming company which is making games he loves (strategy games, combat games, tactical games, teamplay games, happy to be playing these games and to make business out of it
  • Conclusion : WG’s critical error was to not listen to players. “Now players are not viewed as just buyers but as part of the game, as important as vehicles, maps and physics”. “Happy players” is a kind of motto for them now.
  • When looking at WG people with philosophy, it can be seen they are “magicians who are putting together in the right balance this challenge and happiness for you”

Happy players, that’s Wargaming !

Here below is the “purely” Q&A, if it can be called so :