Romanian Tank Destroyers in World of Tanks: Part II – Premiums

Hello! I’m back to show you more Romanian tank destroyers! As it stands now, the Romanian tank destroyer line has little to no chance of being implemented because of one simple thing that is the scourge of the WoT community. Premiums… With that being said, I have some tank destroyers, I believe that most of them are fairly unique. However, some of these tanks have little information to make accurate real-life statistics and in-game ones. The only way we can find more information on these tanks is that if we investigate the Romanian and Russian archives (The Soviets confiscated many military vehicles and archives).

Seb: I am planning a trip to the Romanian Military Archives soon. This should help.

SovietTD: Right now we have two options that we may pursue. A full fledged Romanian tech tree that includes post-war tanks used by the Romanian military or a small low tier mini-branch that will accommodate the current German tank destroyers with no post-war tank destroyers. If you want to see our Romanian tech tree concept, scroll down near the end.

Part I:

Tier 2: TACAM R-1


Tier 2 R-1 Tank.jpg


Tier 2 45mm 20K.jpg
There’s not a lot of information, but I hope we can find some soon. So let’s go on. There was a plan in November of 1943 rearm the last surviving R-1 tanks with the a Soviet 45mm 20k. If you don’t know what the R-1 tank is, it is a Romanian made or export Czechslovakian CKD AH-IV tankette with some differences. The project was found out to be useless and they decided to scrap it. This tank can work as a tier 1 tank if we change plans. Currently, no blueprint has been found so far.

Tier 3: TACAM T-38

Forty 76mm F-22 guns were reserved for TD conversions of the T-38 (Pz. 38t). This vehicle would largly resemble the Sd.Kfz. 139 (Marder III) which is also based on the Pz. 38t. This variant of the Marder tank destroyer isn’t in the game yet. Since the TACAM R-2 was truly never completed (didn’t have the chance to mount the 75mm Reșița AT gun) the project of the TACAM T-38 never began. This is pretty much a taller TACAM T-60.

Tier 3 76mm F-22.jpg

Tier 3 T-38 Tank.jpg

Tier 3 Sd.Kfz (Marder III). .jpg

Possible M-00 TD with the 122mm M1910/30

Tier 5 122mm M1910 30.jpg

M-05 (Not the M-00, M-01, M-02, or M-03)

Tier 5 Maresal Size.jpg
Tier 5 Maresal M-05 Axworthy.jpg

Tier 5: Mareșal M-00, M-01, M-02, or M-03

These Mareșal prototypes were all built as trial and error. The first Mareșal project,  M-00, served as a way to show the capabilities and it was tested in the Sudiți proving grounds in Slobozia in July 30, 1943. They were impressed by the tank even though it had lots of faults. From M-00 to M-03, they all had a 122mm derp gun and a T-60 chassis. I’m mostly leaning towards the M-00 as the candidate for the tier 5 premium. While the M-00 has a 85mm HP engine, it weighs less than the M-05 and the M-06. The rest had a Buick 120 hp engine. The M-00 is the smallest of all the Mareșal prototypes even though the other prototypes were already extremely small. It will perform similarly to a stock Mareșal tank. It will have a derp gun with a pretty good top speed and mediocre HP/T. This premium is very much like the Chi-Nu and Chi-Nu Kai where they are basically copies but the premium is slightly weaker and only serves as a money maker and a crew trainer. Except, that this tank will be worth buying more than the Chi-Nu Kai.

Real life specs:

Armament: 122mm M1910/30
Engine(s): Ford V-8 85 hp
Armor: 10-20
Crew: 2 (3 in-game)
Weight: 6.7
Horsepower per tonne: 12.7 hp/t
Speed: 45 kp/h
Elevation/Depression: ???
Gun traverse: ???

In-game stats:

Health points: 435
Weight: 6.7
Speed: 45 hp/h
Engine: 85 hp
Power-to-weight: 12.7
Hull traverse:
Viewrange: 315
Hull armor: 10-20
Gun: 122mm M1910/30
DPM: 2650
Penetration: 60
Damage: 450/370
Aimtime: 2.8-3.0
Accuracy: 0.57
Depression: ???

Part III will come soon with some change of plans. We have found some post-war Romanian tanks 😉

Here is a sneak peek of what we have in store. Some of these tanks are placeholder tanks in case we don’t find any domestic Romanian tank destroyers which I doubt that will be the case. For now, the higher tier tanks are in their position based on very general information. They may be raised up a tier, lowered a tier, or even completely removed. I also added a tank in this tech tree to hopefully spite someone (not naming who but some may know).

Anyone is free to share the diagram if you feel it’s worthy of implementing into the game. Just give credit to the blog when doing so.Romanian Tech Tree 3-29-2016.png


Tier 1: TACAM R-1
Tier 2: Vânătorul De Care R-35
Tier 3: TACAM T-60
Tier 4: TACAM R-2
Tier 5: Mareșal M-05 or M-06
Tier 6: Jagdpanzer IV
Tier 7: ISU-152 (152mm derp, no BL-10)
Tier 8: TAA-85 (Early 80’s project armed with a 100mm that was based off the MLI-84 which is based off the BMP-1)
Tier 9: Model 89 (An SPG being used as a tank destroyer that used the turret of Gvozdika, the most controversial tank in the tree)
Tier 10: ???
Tier 10 Medium: TR-580 (Maybe the prototype if it existed)


Tier 3: TACAM T-38
Tier 5: Mareșal M-00
Tier 3 Medium: R-3 (Similar to the Czech tier 4 medium but will be a decent tank to play)