New customization options War Thunder

War Thunder will be updated with new and– quite unique methods of customization for a relatively small variety of tanks.

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Mounted armour and protection elements

Mounted armour and protection elements is functional additional protection for a vehicle that is visually displayed on the tank’s model after it has been researched or purchased as a module in the “modification” tab. The protection elements mean improvised protection that was mounted by the crew as a field modification such as sandbags or additional track links. We plan to introduce these elements for the majority of ground vehicles in the game. Currently, the modifications are available for the following machines:

  • T-34 1941
  • Т-34 1942
  • Т-34-85 ZIS-S-53
  • Sherman Firefly VС
  • Churchill Мk.VII
  • М4А3Е8 76W
  • М4А1 76W
  • Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf. А, D & G
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H!%202016%20NEWS/March/objects/armor1_feb002aa9599eed30d4e558f53c6477d.jpg!%202016%20NEWS/March/objects/armor3_0accf58518dd240e222be714d955134f.jpg!%202016%20NEWS/March/objects/armor2_a1c10bbab9834f3a0ccb5d0cc6a270c1.jpg

As soon as mounted armour/other protection elements are researched in the vehicle modification menu, the ground vehicle’s armour model will be updated, the protection elements’ thickness and material will be taken into account. Every vehicle has only one variant of the additional mounted protection.

Items added by crews to express themselves and enhance camouflage!%202016%20NEWS/March/objects/2016-03-28%2017_59_54-Nachalo_7de7cb5e214ea872f31779a44ef7d48d.jpg!%202016%20NEWS/March/objects/2016-03-28%2016_24_49-Nachalo_791056a1042720f7d97f19bc41270f80.jpg!%202016%20NEWS/March/objects/2016-03-28%2017_57_20-Nachalo_d266dbdf43a05d1c69ccb0facf7a9977.jpg

War Thunder now has additional 3D elements for ground vehicle enhancement. You can place them on your vehicle via the “customization” menu. A player may add several elements to personalise his machine in an authentic way. All available objects are divided into multiple categories: ones that were used by a tanker in real life for personalisation or expression. Bushes and branches, various signs, helmets and ammunition – all of these were mounted at some stage on some vehicles. Of course there will probably be more elements and categories in the future.!%202016%20NEWS/March/objects/camo3_e2ee1142b3474f71fbce9731f7a878ce.jpg!%202016%20NEWS/March/objects/camo2_a0c9bee4fc74d46c7654da211c6da4a1.jpg!%202016%20NEWS/March/objects/camo1_c9c82bbfade99d9abb8a21142a513a4c.jpg


oh yeah, tracks count as armor when you put ’em on your shiny tenk

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