Collector’s Gem: 105 LEFH18B2 (EU)


This edition of the Collector’s gem of the Week features a month of Premium Account and a good deal of gold for additional expenses.

As a bonus, you will receive a free gift – the unique leFH18B2 premium SPG. It may not deal much damage per shot, but this is compensated for by its astonishing rate of fire, aim time and armour. That’s a combination you will rarely see in this vehicle class!

Link to the offer here.

Storm Q&A – 06/05/2016

• Will you do the same changes to the 112, like you did with the 113 and FV215b?

– No, the 112 had its repair error fixed, nothing else.

• Grille 15 is worse than the tier IX Waffentrager :(.

– And some people in this thread complain it’s unbalanced.

• Players complain that the number of critical hits has risen.

– Statistics shows that it’s just like it was before.

• Platoon players should play versus platoons, not solo players. Let the solo players play against each other and platoons versus platoons.

– No.

• In the next patch the T95/Chieftain will have the premium status (reward). What about the T95E2?

   – We haven’t considered yet.

• Where can we read about the concept of the “+2 / -2” matchmaking?

– Nowhere.

• Why is there no poll on the matchmaker (so people can voice their opinions).

-It’s being completely remade at the moment, so there’s not much point in doing that.

• Has DX11 been implemented?

– Yes, it has.

• I don’t see any option to change from DX9 to DX11

– If available (BloodSnow: probably depending on the hardware), the change is automatic.

• Question on the WGL German Bulldog. The stats do no match what was previously advertised. Will the tank suffer any changes?

– Everything is fine, read what we wrote on the portal.


New Stats for T95/Chieftain

The second iteration of the supertest is now up. The T95/Chieftain suffered some ‘changes’ AKA nerfs.

  • HP 2000 to 1900;
  • ROF of 6,801 at 6.257;
  • DPM with 2,720.5 at 2502.9;
  • Reload time of 8.822 sec for 9.589 sec;
  • Accuracy of 0.316 to 0,336;

This being said, the stats of this tier X medium tank look like this:

HP: 1900 2000 
Engine: 560 HP
Weight: 45 tons
Power-to-weight ratio: 12.44 hp / t
Maximum speed: 56/17 km / h
Hull traverse speed: 32 ° / s
Turret rotation speed: 31.3 ° / s
Ground resistance: 0.959 / 1.247 / 2,397
View range: 400 m
Radio range: 782.1 m

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