Three things you would change in Wot…

Hello everyone,

Seems WG EU wants our feedback again on World of Tanks. This time Ectar created a topic in the official forum asking “If you could change 3 things in World of Tanks…” what would it be and why?

Before you go there and leave a short message saying “remove arty, because… nothing”, there are actually a few ground rules to follow:

  • No one word reasons. Please expand on your thoughts without answers like “Because I don’t like it” or “because it’s bad“.
  • No unrealistic suggestions, please think of things like the core gameplay, UI and experience (For example: Removing arty or any other class of vehicle is unrealistic and not going to happen).

So, if you would like to leave some feedback, make some suggestions just visit the Oficial EU Forum Topic  and leave a comment. My personal opinion, I’m actually happy that WG is keeping it’s word, when they said this was the year they would try to make up for mistakes and improve the game. We should have these topics more often and if the community is smart enough, we will get good feedback to them and we will get the game we want.