Q&A – 12th March 2016

 – most of the feedback on the new sounds is positive;
– there was no difference earlier for example between Soviet 76mm and German 75mm guns, the new sounds continue this scheme and have one additional class for “supercalibers”; the system will be expanded further;
– work on Havok has no priority right now, but other interesting things will come;
– a bug where an allied tank is “floating” is definitely a problem with the connection;
– opinions on music are on absolute border values (i.e.: very positive/very negative) it is because music in general is very subjective;
– 45mm gun of the MS-1 stayed in it’s place;
– the order of gun shells is only reset when wholly changing a tank, old ones should stay;
– minimalist hangar without details will not eat up resources;
– there were supertest polls and public test polls about the new sounds – the results decided whether they will be released or not;
– the Soviet IS-6 gets it’s ammorack damaged when standing diagonally – this is normal, it was also the case before the rework;
– there will be arty rebalance;
– the “space” button now has the handbrake assigned – it would however be better to ask on login to set the key binding;
– the Sexton SPG is more mobile due to new physics – light vehicles became more agile where the engine allows it;
– complaints about low reverse speed of LT’s will be regarded;
– in such cases, it is recommended to update drivers;
– Storm: “It was always like this”.