Kiev HQ General Manager Left WG

– Over at Persha Studia, which is the Ukrainian representative of Wargaming, some personnel changes happened. Oleg Gotynyan, who occupied the post of general manager of the Kiev studio, left. No decision on who will lead the studio now is made yet.
The company confirmed the information about Gotynyans departure. Among the bigger projects under his lead was the development of World of Warplanes.
“To be a leader of IT and game industry means to continuously adapt to new conditions, trends and tendencies. As such, a flexible structure and continuous integration of innovations is needed. Innovations can be technical as well as management-wise. This is sometimes connected to unpopular decisions.
Oleg Gotynyan made the decision to leave the studio because of personal reasons because everyone needs some rest and a new start. We respect his decision.” – the company stated.
– In 2010 Wargaming began cooperating with the Kiev studio Persha Studia: the Ukrainians also worked on the French branch for WoT. Afterwards, a contract was signed on basis of which World of Warplanes was developed completely by Persha Studia under the lead of Oleg Gotynyan. It was released in November 2013. The company also worked on WoT:Generals.