AW Fail: Gift for Returning

Thanks to Sams_Baneblade for sending me this. He recieved this e-mail from AW:

We’ve noticed that you haven’t played Armored Warfare in some time. The opportunity to pick up Armored Warfare again has however never been better! To show our appreciation, we have prepared the following bonuses for you:
-Special Edition LAV-150 MERC
-14 days of Premium Time
-1 000 000  credits
-Special 2016 Decal
Login and use the following code in your profile page to get your reward:
He redeemed the code and recieved all the promised content. Seems that AW got it a bit wrong, the e-mail was sent only 2 hours after his last PVE session.

I (Sams_Baneblade) received this today:
Dear Commander!
We hope this e-mail finds you well.
You recently received a reactivation e-mail with a code that has since been deactivated. Unfortunately, this was due to a technical dysfunction on our mailing list.
To compensate for the inconvenience, and to thank you for your continued involvement in Armored Warfare, we would like to invite you to log in game and receive 3 days of premium time as a free reward.
Thank you, once again, for your commitment, and see you soon on the battlefields.
The Armored Warfare Team.
But because I already redeemed the code BEFORE its cancellation, I kept the stuff and received 3 more premium days!17 prem days for free. GG AW! 😀
(Apparently, I’m not the only one that got this error… )