Q&A – 15th February 2016

– Slava Makarov thinks that the general idea of personal missions is good, but how it was realized it is not very popular among the players;
– Storm denies the statement attributed to him that “there will never be a skill based matchmaker”;
– the situation with impenetrable tracks is as follows – on a hit to the side in the area of the tracks, if there is armor behind the tracks to be penetrated and the penetration value is enough, the damage is delivered, but if there is nothing no damage will happen;
– in 2014, Storm stated that “there will be an option to manually control the ballistic range properties of the rangefinder (e.g. manually adjust the firing distance, in contrast to the current situation where it is adjusted automatically)”, but this was scrapped since the focus was on more pressing matters;
– the implementation of the “no-scroll” mod (to prevent entering sniper mode by scrolling) into the client has low priority since other mods are more in use;
– in 9.14, there will be no nerfs/buffs and new personal missions; (SEB: IS-6. THAT IS COMPLETELY NOT A BUFF RIGHT?)
– a great amount of maps is a random element of diversity, however other online games show that these are not always neccessary – CS, LoL and others have a considerably smaller amount of maps;
– the proposal of players to port the old sound system to the new engine as a separate preset was rejected, this is virtually impossible, since there is an absolutely different architecture;
– if a tank is destroyed in the game, the sound of its’ destruction will reach the player after ~1sec;
– regarding tier 1 tanks: the decisions made are conscious and approved, this was planned for some time already;
– regarding MS-1: the removal of the 45mm is also intentional, since it was too strong compared to the other tanks;
– newbies are not completely separated from experienced players, but only partially;
– the vehicle models are not only made by “outsourcers”, some of them are also made internally;
– the visual model of the T26E4 is intentional, since there are limitations on animation of tank parts;
– the possibility of pushing a tank off the borders in the 9.14 supertest is a bug;
– some players ask for inertia on releasing the movement key, others complain that the tank is stopping too slowly – the current system is intentional for better control of the vehicle in the game;
– the fix of switching players after one’s death is not implemented in 9.14, it will come ASAP;
– the devs confirm that on medium settings, “Stalingrad”, “Kharkov” and “Windstorm” show slightly worse results that other maps – such differences in performance are accepted however;
– collision models of T29/T30/T34 were edited as seen in the pictures above;
– it is advised to check FoV settings if tanks move fast, but it doesn’t feel like they do;
– the replacement of the WT E-100 won’t happen soon;
– a part of the playerbase lost 15-20 FPS due to new shadows, the devs struggle to explain why – it could possibly be because of old drivers; there will be optimizations, but not only regarding shadows, but for the whole engine;
– main task of the new physics is to do the tank movement right – ramming damage will be reviewed later;
– the existing vehicle models are improved every patch, the Maus is fixed already;
– the acceleration of research on low tiers is for newbies to comprehend the game better;
(Seb: WG quit caring so much about the noobs. What about the ones who have to play a tier I tank in Team Battles? Eh? Why remove the Hispano-Suiza?)