Lwow Q&A debunked/corrected

The previous Q&A points are represented with hyphens as usual, commentary of the developer in question is represented with asterisks.
Storm replied to yesterday’s Q&A, pointing out which parts are true and which are not.
– a global TD rebalance is planned to prevent one-shots;
* this decision is not made yet;
– Havok for selected objects with a possibility to disable in the client – too difficult to realize;
* no info on this yet since Havok is currently in development;
– LT’s became quite faster due to new physics;
* the speed did not change with new physics, but differs visually;
– nerfs of top-tier Czechs are too early, more statistical data is needed, since the vehicles are quite skill-dependant;
* this is widely correct;
– a slight buff of the T29/T30/T34 roof happened in 9.14, 28mm armor are only in a small zone;
* this information is correct;
– there is an idea of gifts/congratulations for players for example on birthdays – the problem is that a player can specify a false date, or login only every half of a year;
* this point is being worked on, only in idea stage;
– on the Armored Warfare special (WoT gold for playing AW) – no comment;
* no comment;
– gold penetration will not be nerfed;
* such a rebalance of ammunition was regarded, but testing results showed it not to be feasible;
– too early for any info on any new branches;
* still no new info on any branches;
– there will be a possibility to change the garage in the client (TN: I assume the same as the shipyard in WoWS);
* this is in idea stage, similar to WoWS;
– additional ammo types were rejected;
* no info on this yet;
– development of the new engine is going at full haul, but will still take some time;
* no info on this yet;
– to solve the spotting delay problem, the refresh rate has to be elevated, which would stress the connection too much;
* this is mostly true;
– +-1 MM will not come, players should gain experience playing against enemies which are a bit tougher;
* there is no reliable information on this;
– gold ammo was implemented so that unexperienced/unskilled gamers can also penetrate, so it will not be removed;
* this question was not asked whatsoever;
– the dev do not approve XP for tanking, since bots would gain from it without doing anything, and as such a bonus from surviving in enemy proximity would be better;
* there is no final decision regarding XP for tanking;
– the dev does really not like the introduction of 59-Patton and STA-2. he personally would give the 59 a different Patton turret, which has an MG instead of the commander’s hatch;
* the question was more like “Why does the Patton-59 have this particular turret”, and there is no reliable information on this;
– when a platoon crushes everything in its way – it is quite intended (TN: I assume successful teamplay is meant);
* no such question was asked;
– there will be no nerf on T110E5’s armor, at least not in the near future;
* no information on this at the moment;
– the game already has a system where you get more XP from damaging tanks of a higher tier than you;
* this is correct;
– the bot percentage of all players is at about the same level as it was shortly after release;
* such information cannot be disclosed, but the bot percentage does not rise due to combatting them;
– DX12 is technically impossible with the current engine;
* no reliable information on this;
– quote: “Daily login bonuses are just for cheap, unsuccessful projects…” (a certain game you probably know of is meant… TN: AW);
* other projects might have this, no info on such things in WoT;
– all maps are made using a single pattern of role distribution, how it is realized is however a different question;
* all maps are made by professionals in a unified technical process and the map balance recieves much attention, also gathering feedback from players;
– a separate MBT class will not come;
* tanks regarded as “MBT” are represented in the game as MT, particularly M60, Centurion and T-62A;
– there already is a transmission and sounds of switching gears in 9.14;
* this is true;
– all tier 9 tanks have the same balancing weight, the same applies to tier 10;
* this is true;