WoWS: The real contents of the 2016 Sneak Peek Video

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Glimpses/names of these were found in the video:
Soviet Union:
Adm. Nakhimov
Project 661 Moskva-tier 10
Großdeutschland-top tier, likely H41
Tease of a massive carrier four times the length of Montana, almost certainly Habbakuk
1 little information about this ship is available online, but more that other ships like the G15 or Type A heavy Cruiser. What I have that matters for gameplay is this:
Main Armament: Nine 220mm guns in three triple turrets, two forward, one aft
Secondary Armament: eight 130mm guns in four twin turrets
AA Armament: Twenty-four 45mm guns in six quadruple mounts; twenty-four 25mm guns in six quadruple mounts, almost certainly to be upgraded for the game
Speed: 34.5 knots