WoWS TAP Q&A III – Answered Questions

1) What can we expect from British cruisers compared to other nations? (USN AAA, IJN Torps, DPM strong or AP ammo)
– I will not disclose for now, but at the very least they will be pretty.
2) Can we expect some changes or addons to the report system soon?
– Some changes already came in
3) Do you plan to implement a +1 or +2 tier cap into divisions to prevent divisions like Montana+Erie?
– It’s not assumed for now. Maybe a warning will come that this is not an advisable action.
4) Can we expect German BBs in 2016?
 – Yes, for Gamescom 2016.
5) Have you plans to differentiate between Battleships and Battlecruisers?
– Even if, it won’t happen soon. Most BB branches would be impossbile without battlecruisers.
6) Will the Atlanta receive a much needed buff? Or the Tirpitz guns buffed to be on par with other tier 8 BBs?
– Tirpitz guns will remain the same. Atlanta could be buffed, but not in the next patch.
7) what will be the next nation after Royal Navy? France? Italy?
– Not decided for now.
8) can Belfast end up as premium similar to Aurora, Kutuzov, Mikasa and Blyskawica all being museal ships today?
– Any info on the British is confidential for now.
9) Why is it that German WW1 ships are carrying the Kriegsmarine flag and not a Naval ensign/flag from the Kaiserreich (1870-1918), similarly to how the Imperator Nikolai carries an Imperial Russian rather than Soviet flag? And is there any chance it could be changed? (Note: The Kaiserreich flag has no swastika in it)
 – No, it will not. This flag is forbidden in some places. (Seb: -_-)

10) What are the most likely ships to come as Royal Navy premiums? Maybe you can implement the HMS Abercrombie?
– Any info on the British is confidential for now.
11) When we can expect japanese voice acting? I mean, for the crew (not anime)
– All depends on the success of the Arpeggio mode.
12) Will it be possible to put flags of the countries and flags with different emblems in the ships like in World of Tanks?
– Not planned for now.
13) When are you going to put a premium ship in the tech tree?
– There will be new premium ships in the client this year.
14) Will Arkansas Beta be given some kind of AA ability?
– No, this ship will remain without AA. (Seb: RIP)
15) Will the mid tier American battleships be given the catapults and aircraft they had during WWII?
 – If there is substantial inquiry by the players, we’ll do it.
16) Aurora’s AA range was buffed, will the tier 3 St. Louis AA be buffed as well?
– Not planned, AA is not that critical at tier 3.
17) Will the tirpitz, mikasa, blyskawica and warspite be premium shop exclusives or will they ever be added to the tech tree?
– They’ll sometime appear in the client.
18) Do you expect any ships in the future to exceed the firepower or armour of the yamato?
– None who could match it’s firepower, but match it’s power as a whole.
19) Are there candidates for tier 8 premium battleships for the USA and IJN? if there are can you give us a clue as to what they are?
– There are no assumptions on such BB’s, not even any plans.
20) Is there still the possibility of a heavy cruiser and light cruiser split?
 – No split as classes, but different branches for light and heavy cruisers.
21) Do you plan an armour viewer for WoWS so we can see the weaknesses and strengths of ships we have unlocked?
– This is not a priority for now.
22) Do you plan on telling us the penetration characteristics of the main caliber or secondary artillery in the game?
– Such information will not be disclosed for now.
23) Are more ship class abilities planned?
– Yes.
24) Is there a chance that destroyers would be able instead of firing torpedoes to be able to lay down mines?
– No mines are planned..
25) We hear of PvE modes in development with ai controlled auxiliary cargo ships or port facilities to be escorted / captured (destroyed). Will this involve making flag capture points much smaller and being able to attach them to a moving vessel or a fixed landscape object (wharf)? And will this style of mode be considered for development in pvp games?
– This is not decided yet.
26) Is the permanent camouflage available for doubloon purchase going to change from the current one (“new year’s”) ? And if it does, will we have to repurchase them? (the current camo is not exactly the prettiest)
– The question is not relevant anymore.
27) Will there be anytime HD ship models in the game, even as an option?
– Yes, but in the far future.
28) When we can expect the weather?
– In one of the next bigger updates rain will be implemented.
29) When the training room will come as an official option?
– It will come when we figure out the server load problem.