WoWS Supertest Info – Chinese Ships

From our secret contact:

From the latest WoWS supertest, the Avro Lancaster was added to the game files, two new divebombers were added to the game – one for IJN and one for USN, two new Japanese fighters were added, and 5 new American fighters were added.  Carrier loadouts were altered a bit, (not in number of squadrons, but in the specific model of planes they carry).  Taiho now carries the A7M1 instead of J7W1, for example.  Focus fire for AA now gives a 25% bonus instead of 50%, range for AA auras has been decreased, but damage has been slightly increased to compensate.  Farragut has a new B hull, it’s possible that the Katori will come back in the future, and there will be two new Chinese destroyers coming in the future (in line with past predictions), one is the Anshan (Gnevny class) and the other is the Lo Yang (Benson class)


8 thoughts on “WoWS Supertest Info – Chinese Ships

  1. New Modules, hoorraayy

    New planes as well, we might see DBs with AP payload.

    Lancester hints at fortifications, or at least scripted events?

    Japanese DDs which are essentially what the US and Russians have on their respective tiers? O_o


  2. Thanks for the info
    however will the ROC and PROC ships be in different nations?
    since the Anshan (Gnevny class) is a Chinese ship and the Lo Yang (Benson class) is a Taiwanese(ROC) ship
    and unlike Soviet/Russia
    Taiwan and China are two separate countries that still both exist


    1. My best bet is just different flags on the ships themselves, the nation in all will still be with the Communists, just like how WoT is currently.
      I would actually support ROCN being the “leading” Chinese nation in WoWS though, since ROCN had more fitting destroyers to fill the ranks (US Destroyers and transferred IJN destroyers) , while PLAN had practically nothing but Soviet destroyers like Gnevny and the next ships were already missile armed.


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