Q&A – 30th December 2015

– the different penetration values of the M318 shell are not a “fail”, but a balancing decision, the same as the guns having different names – there will be no “fixing”;


– the same applies to the aimtime of the ARL V39 compared to the AC mle. 46;


– the bad terrain resistance of the KV-5 compared to other superheavy tanks on its tier is intended – the KV-5 is balanced with other positive features and many players stil consider it as a great money maker (TN: me too, i love it);

2 thoughts on “Q&A – 30th December 2015

  1. I really hate this aspect of world of tanks and it is one of my main reasons to create my own tank game.

    I enjoy tanks that don\’t lie about their stats. I believe that a tank should perform based directly upon its design alone.

    I despise altering historical and or practical / realistically simulated statics based upon the ideology that X tank must conform to Y artificial game \’balancing\’ system.

    This \’butchery\’ of vehicles in my eyes ruins immersion and creates immense amounts of distrust from the player base given that vehicles at any time can be nerfed.

    Although as a double standard, premium vehicles are overwhelmingly exempt from this nerfing practice based upon an ideological management fear based upon the claim that if a nerf would happen to a premium vehicle then the consumers whom purchased said premium vehicle with real money would demand that their real money be refunded based upon the grounds of (more or less) fraud stemming from that their (now hypothetically nerfed) purchase is not what was advertised upon the time of their purchase.

    Thus the agreement of Profit > Game Quality is consented upon within Wargaming\’s Management.

    This I believe is the polar opposite of what I align myself to value in the terms of what I wish to give to a player base.

    To be simply put my moral code is thus: Game Quality > Profit.

    Player\’s Win First, Company Wins Second.

    1. There are multiple games like that out there already. They are much less popular exactly because in real life some tanks were very OP or UP compared to others. It\’s fun to drive a historical T-34 against historical Tiger I once or twice, but then it gets boring getting killed quickly without proper chance to retaliate. Or everyone picks the most OP tank for its tier and completely disregards anything else, creating other problems (see WoT\’s historical battles and Tigers picked by players 10 times more often than Russians).

      You can have fun balanced game or a completely historical one. Not both – real tanks weren\’t fun.

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