TAP Q&A #3 – Ask your questions (now with WoWS!)

Well, my sadness did not perish yet (yes believe it or not I actually cried today). But I really want to get this done, so…

2 WoT questions will be chosen (3 if I spot a really good one)

10 WoWS questions will be picked. *number may raise in the future*

Please mark your question with the name of the game included in the comment. Thanks!


-You can post the same question if it was not answered before

-Maximum 2 questions per person (or 4 if you want to ask for both games)

-Questions will be asked only in the comments section, no FB or mail

-No silly or irrelevant stuff

-No questions that were answered 10 times before

-No proposals 🙁 (but you can include a proposal in a question if you know how to put it right)

-Keep it brief (no huge texts please).

You can ask stuff in Romanian if you want to.

60 thoughts on “TAP Q&A #3 – Ask your questions (now with WoWS!)

  1. Seems like you guys have been having a bit harder of a time keeping everything going smoothly. Anything in particular that\’s causing this?

    1. Risking to annoy Seb, I\’ll guess that it\’s personal problems that always come around when you\’re at a certain age. What I don\’t understand is why he keep mentioning them and not give us a chance to give a hand of support.

      I mean he can just say \”guys, show me your love and I\’ll feel better\” and we will. Or he can say \”I cried today but now I\’m better\” so we know he\’s dealt with it and no support is necessary.

      Also he should keep in mind that people read his blog for entertainment value and posting negative stuff is not helping.

    1. WoWs: 8 at the moment: Russia, USA, Japan, Germany, Poland, France, Italy and China.

  2. Is there any chance that the SK-105 Kürassier gets implemented as mission or campaign reward as it is obviously too good for a premium and austria cannot build an own techtree?

  3. WOT:
    AW implemented the possibility to convert (permanent) standard tanks to premium tanks.
    You can also do this ? If not, how about rent them to a limited time (max 30 days) to avoid whines about nerfs to the converted standard tanks or to avoid having tier 10 premium tanks ?

  4. (Please delete my other two comments. I don\’t seem to be able to. Sorry!)

    Is there any chance that the sp 1c will be buffed?

    Will the Kolberg be given the torpedo armament it historically carried?

    Since the Imperator Nikolai carries the imperial Russian naval ensign wouldn\’t it be possible to give the German WW1 ships historical Imperial German flags?

    1. I read that the problem is that neonazis groups of today use the imperial German flag like his logo (because the svastika is censored)

      1. This is true, however they use all kinds of variants of older flags anyway. The imperial German flag also is not forbidden in Germany, unlike the Swastika.

      2. I find this a terribly weak excuse. If they do this then they basically recognize the flag of Germany\’s first unified state (The Kaiserreich was a democracy, btw) as a symbol of hate, which it most definitely isn\’t. It could only become an NS symbol if we let Neonazis turn it into one. That\’s something in not willing to let happen.
        The flag is a combination of the colours of Prussia (Black and White) and of the Hanseatic League (White and Red) and as a result has no direct link to the Nazis, who themselves only used it for a short while until it was replaced by the Swastika Blutfahne.

        TLDR: Don\’t let Neonazis turn the German black, white and red tricolour into a symbol of their hatred and misguided ideology.

  5. Wot Question:

    Has the fate of the Foch 155 been decided yet?

    WoWs Questions:

    Where is the server located? because personally the lag is really bad in WoWs just like on EU2 for me in WoT but on WoT EU1 i get a pretty stable connection.

    Are there more plans to optimize the game further to decrease load times?

  6. WoT:
    Since the M48 Patton was buffed, will the M60 be buffed also?

    Are there any further plans to buff the artillery on US DDs?
    What kind of niche will British battleships fulfill?

  7. WOWS:
    1. There are a lot of rumours about the germans bbs and the russian cruisers been the new tech trees for the game, is it true?
    2. If it is true, what are the features that differentiate them from the others nations cruisers and bbs?

  8. Annnnnnd 3rd try.

    WoT question:

    Other than Historical Battles, will there be plans for any more PvE content? (Which can include: 4-player Co-op, Fun mode – Zombies tanks/P-1000/WoWs-Like Training mode, etc…)

  9. Wows: Many more nations had ships then nations with tanks, will any nations be implemented that won\’t reach tier 10.

    Will more predrednaughts be implemented, premium and nonpremium?

    Will there be a way to choose different names from ships of same class?

  10. WoWs:
    Will we see more information on the battle-UI? For example indications on how many secondary guns on each side of the ship are still operational, or how much of the ships\’ AAA is still operational?

    Will carrier squadron modules be reworked? Currently, the USN carriers\’ only usable loadout is their default loadout.

    Will you introduce spotting rewards / other non combat rewards for ships, so people get rewarded for using their ship classes more closely to their historical duties like spotting, screening, AA cover etc?

    1. Patch notes for mentioned changes to map rotation for ranked battles. Will the next season be announced at least a few days before it starts? Can you give any details for the 3rd season already, i.e. what tiers can be used, will there be two brackets like in 2nd season etc.?

      Will you change projectile dispersion in the game? At the current stage, doing consistent damage to any enemy is not possible, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6l2PxcV7WI

      One suggestion for a solution: The much increased accuracy for main gun batteries for short ranges was a much needed improvement for battleships, but how about changing the mechanic a little: Have the higher accuracy end with the maximum stock range of each ship. This way the calculation could be automatised accross the board and it would remove the awkward effect of having much more modern ships with extremely poor accuracy just outside half the max range of their secondary batteries. Note that this would only apply to main batteries, the secondaries would not benefit from this as a destroyer sneaking up so close to a battleship should have a fighting chance to drop it\’s torpedoes and get away without being guaranteed to be sunk.

      1. Yeah, only noticed the limitation to 2 questions now. 🙁

        The suggestion should read: \”…Have the higher accuracy end with teh stock range of the secondary artillery of each ship.\”

        Short questions yes, but I assume you prefer what usually passes for full sentences?

        1. Seb, any idea when you\’ll pick the questions, send them, expecting answers etc? Kinda find myself coming here about every hour or so for news on WoWs 😛

          1. Very soon. However, the answers will come a bit late (they are being inserted into the Wargaming FM Developer Hour forum thread), and the answers there come once per week.

  11. wot:

    how often does the MM gets updated/rebalanced?
    every time a tank gets buffed or nerfed?
    or just when new tanks get implemented?

    1. What do you mean by updating/rebalancing MM? Last time MM changed was when light tanks got +3 MM (+4 previously).

      1. what i mean is: even a medicore software engeneer will tell you that if you run a MM in your game, you have to update the algorythm every time you introduce new content. if you dont, it will stop working properly and the consequenses are more and more fails.

  12. WoT : After the Reworking of Crew system, There is no penalty of premium tank crew mastery?

  13. Will it be a fun mode for this holiday season like the Xbox \”Toy Tank\” or the last year\’s 8-bit mode?

  14. \”2 WoT questions will be chosen (3 if I spot a really good one)\”

    Please, pick 2 questions… I know it\’s tempting to ask more, but if you\’re not carefull, he will get piss off again, and he might stop answering (and nobody wants that)

  15. WoWs: When will the next new line be introduced and what nation/ship type it might be?

    1. Next nation is Britain (BB line, I suppose), then russian cruisers and german battleships

      1. I did not ask about next nation but next line specifically and when it will come. The first signs were that German BBs and Russian CAs will come in Q1 2016 (possibly January), but, someone post a Q&A on Russian on forum where the devs apparently said German BBs will come in August, and since the most gamefiles in client are from German BBs (which does indicate they are next), I find it shocking that we might get a new line in August the soonest.

        1. That would indeed be very sad, although I doubt that they\’ll be willing to not publish new ships and trees before that. It\’d mean about a year between release and the integration of two new tech trees. That\’d mean that the playerbase would have to carry on with what there is right now, which is not all that much, really.

          1. Indeed, that\’s why I\’m worried and hoping we will get some info (release date at least) on the next line. Hopefully in Q1 2016.

            I\’m running out of ships to play with soon 😛

  16. WoWs: When is the Ranked battles season starts (not my wuestion just seeing if anyone knows)
    When is the Royal Navy Italian Navy and Fremch navy coming in,

  17. Wows
    1/ will the release strategy remain one branch at a time or will full trees come together at some stage.

    2/ will there be more British premiums appear before the first branch is released.

    3/will national ensign\’s become available as purchasable decorations and can the player community help select what will be available. I would prefer to fly a modern Australian ensign and not the ww1 British Empire battle ensign ans I think the same would apply to all commonwealth players.

  18. WoWs:
    1. If the ,,Accelerate crew training\’\’ is already in WoT for premium tanks, bloody when will it be introduced in WoWs??? 2020?
    2. When will the bloody Depot be introduced, like it already so rationally exists in WoT??? 2021?

  19. WoT

    Since closed-turret tanks, when ammoracked, let it fly into the air, what about closed superstructure tanks ; couldn\’t their roof behave like the turret from the closed-turret tanks ?

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