Leaked: Upcoming WG Universal Launcher


Looks like our secret source found some interesting stuff, the upcoming WG universal launcher!

download link: http://wds.origin.wargaming.net/wgc/releases_tTrHgLCKHBRiaL/

How to make it work: extract the .wgpkg file with 7zip, then change the language from RU to EN in the preferences.xml file after you run the app for the first time.

In the .dll files, there is metadata for an unreleased WG game called Excalibur, present in the launcher, could be another MMO. It’s developed in North America and it’s not based on the BigWorld engine.


11 thoughts on “Leaked: Upcoming WG Universal Launcher

      1. I was okay with tiles before Windows 8 came, but Windows 8 just ruined it for me and now I get disgusted by tiles since they reminded me of Windows 8, literally nightmare to sort out which is which when the whole screen is a clusterfuck of tiles.

  1. Does anybody know something about the incoming Excalibur game? Sebastianul isnt a time to ask direcly Storm? It could be the next BIG thing…

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