EU Christmas Premium Shop Offers

Happy Holidays 2nd Offer


This offer will surely satisfy those who want to be fully supplied in the upcoming year.

The package contains 30,500. Such an amount is more than enough to buy Premium Account for 360 days as an example and still have some gold left for other spending! Therefore, if you aim for a steady and smooth progress throughout the next year, this deal is definitely for you.

You know what’s so “happy” about this holiday offer? The fact that you get the Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat. a rare Tier V premium medium tank and a garage slot to store it as a gift! Santa is definitely really generous this year.

Happy Holidays 3rd Offer


Missed a chance to complete one of the past mission marathons and get your hands on the WZ-111? Well, you are in luck now as it’s up for grabs in the Premium Shop!

This Chinese heavyweight champion offers a nice balance between good armour protection, mobility and firepower, which makes it a very versatile vehicle to drive. On top of that, you can use it to speed up the training of your Chinese heavy tank crews, while earning a healthy amounts of credits and improving your account’s budget at the same time!

You can get this jack-of-all-trades Tier VIII Chinese premium heavy tank along with a garage slot.

Happy Holidays 4th Offer


The last offer is another chance for you to get a hold of the new Soviet premium medium tank, the T-28E with F-30. The vehicle was featured in the first offer in our Advent Calendar and it immediately garnered a lot of praise and appreciation from the Community.

What’s so special about it you may ask? Well, it’s all about its 85 mm gun, featuring a high penetration value and good alpha damage, combined with a decent rate of fire, which will allow you to rip apart most of the opponents you will meet. On top of that, you will get armour nearly twice as good as that of the regular T-28. A few extra millimetres always come in handy.

As it was the case for the Advent Calendar offer, the tank comes with a garage slot and 1,000to cover any additional expenses you may have.