WoWS: Player Statistics Mod Prevention

On the RU WoWS forum, a method to combat the mod showing player’s statistics was described, it is currently being tested and could possibly also work in WoT.

“Why are there no official news on this?” “The functionality is in testing mode for a few days, if it’s successful it will be announced”

Quote: “Recently, a modification started spreading, that is allowing to access a player’s statistics in the battle. We find that this modification will help the growth of unsportsmanlike behaviour in the game and even the base for persecutions.

What we don’t like exactly is as follows:

1) The possibility to start persecutions of players with similar nicknames. For example, in WoT, a very smart “mathematician” calculated that players containing “Alex” in their nickname have a mean winrate of 49,5%, which produced a hunt on players with such nicknames.

2) Insults of players on basis of their statistics – no matter if you have 45% or 70% winrate, you will become a subject of envy or contempt. However we want judgement based on the actions in the current battle.

3) Focus on particular groups of players. This is more often a complaint from experienced players, however even more are affected. More often than not statistics are the base for attacks on players and not the current situation in battle, which can lead to irrational behaviour.

4) Win chance calculator. That’s the most toxic part of the modification. This causes players to leave the battle before it even began or rush forward and die, believing in the prediction. This part poisons the gameplay the most.

Weighing this negative effects on the one side and the positive effects (yes, we admit that they exist) on the other, we decided that the modification is undesirable.”

Seb: let the people have their XVM-like mod. I use it too sometimes. Sorry for having the unpopular opinion! But what WG does is simply censorship! WoT already had a lot of people flee from it, and I want WoWS to remain a good game and improve! Banning stats mods is certainly not a good way to do that.