Q&A – 22nd December 2015

Once again, big thanks and cheers to Vlad for another great translation.

Q: “The absence of coherent information creates gossip and whine. Can you at least generally describe the perspectives for 2016? That’s not a claim to you personally, but addressed to those who plan and work with the comunity”

A: “I can’t, unfortunately. The info is there, but I cannot publicize it.”


Q: “I’m talking as a person who drives in randoms in HT’s: gold ammo doesn’t concern me, what does is arty in about 70% of the cases, and in 30% the overbuffed penetration of tier 8-10 TD’s”

A: “If we remove both factors, what do we get, imbalanced HT’s?”


Q: “When will there be an equipment sale?”

A: “That’s not my responsibility.”

Q: “Make one servercluster with skill-based MM:”

A: “What for?”


Q: “When will the sounds and physics come? The test is over and no new info came in.”

A: “I still can’t say anything, i’m really sorry. :(”


Q: “In the New Year’s hangar, the lighting is too bright and the tanks are covered in white powder. Bug or feature? Please go update your client and see for yourself, you’d understand immediately.”

A: “I did actually. Feature.”


Q: “Are there plans to make the TD controls similar to the tank ones?”

A: “No, currently there are none.”


Q: “I am eager to hear your opinion on the drops, they are in place for about half a year now and are becoming more annoying. If there were constantly 60fps in the past, now with the same settings, same PC and same mods even while standing still in the beginning of the battle, the fps drop to about 48. I’m not even talking about drops when rapidly turning the camera, death of enemy/allied tanks etc… What’s the matter?”

A: “I can’t say anything from that, everything depends on the specific PC configuration.”


Q: “The incorrect display of player’s nicknames and switching between allies post-death, bug or feature?”

A: “Bugs :(”


Q: “I have two cases: 1) Bug with incorrect behaviour of artillery turning. In the 9.12/9.13 patchnotes, nothing mentioning this mechanic is written. However the bug appeared and is still present. Where did it come from if the code of this mechanic was not supposed to be touched? 2) Tanks sinking into the ground on “Serene Coast”. Again nothing was supposed to be changed on the map.”

A: “1) Because of corrections of the aiming code, when the “Murazor (russian WoT streamer) bug” was being fixed. 2) Fixed already in the public test.”



– The “Domination” mode was regarded with and without gold, with and without premium, on every tank tier etc. : There are no grave differences in income to the random mode;

– The camo bug (almost transparent camo) is known, it will be fixed;

– Ghost shells are kind of a quirk of the engine itself – the precision of the coordinate transfer on different distances from the player “avatar”. It exists since release and there is no such thing as “ghost shells appeared in patch x.y”

– The same thing applies to “space travel after ramming an obstacle” – quirk of the engine and was always present;

– Last few patches (excluding 9.13) contained heavy work on the backend (engine, netcode), it was mentioned often enough, but appears to be ignored by the players;