Based on the achieved contact with a Russian player (feels so Star-Wars like πŸ™‚ ) we can ask the developers questions about WoT on both the places they use for giving answers to people (the forum thread is dead, so we found some other way luckily!)

A first test batch of 5 questions will be selected, so please ask only one question (for now). I will pick the questions personally! Do not worry, you can ask the same question again in the future posts if we do not pick your question.
Things do not have to be kept in total secrecy fortunately! The questions will be asked by using the comments section. Based on this kind of experience, got from researching attempts of another blog who died before TAP was founded, we managed to find this method safe enough to deserve a try.

Some rules:

-Only one question per person

-Questions will be asked only in the comments section, no FB or mail

-No silly or irrelevant stuff

-No questions that were answered 10 times before

-No proposals πŸ™ (but you can include a proposal in a question if you know how to put it right)

-Keep it brief (no huge texts please).

You can ask stuff in Romanian if you want to.

Thank you, and let the show begin!

Sebastianul (excuse my poor english, tired)