One Punch Man Mini-Review (Anime + Manga)

(sorry for not being WoT/WoWS related, just something I really really like)

It has been a long time since I was thinking about this. Now, with the main anime series finished and with lots of free time at hand, I think that it is a good timeframe to make the review. So…


Saitama is OK

The series basically just skyrocketed in popularity this year, and I knew it months before the anime was launched. It currently is the highest rated series ever on IMDB, and this just shows how the story is entirely fresh. (BTW, Rick and Morty sucks 🙄 ) It all started with a poorly drawn webcomic by ONE which was made as a hobby, back in 2008 (when I was 10 years old, this really blew your mind right?)

What is it about? A powerful, bored hero. I am not going to reveal any more stuff. Sorry. I got into the series simply like that, by not knowing anything at all about it. This way, everything is a lot more exciting.

What I reccomend: simply start reading the manga (manga > anime IMO) /watch the anime. After the first chapter/episode, things will get interesting. Just keep reading it if you get bored at first. For example, I used to read it when my internet was poor.

The manga is drawn very carefully and it has some pages that make a moving image (the image below is not featured in the anime), like this:

Awesome, right?

At first, the sight of the monsters and stuff may look a little DBZ-like, but it is a 100% new story and concept.

The series is not only about the main hero, it also follows other characters (good and evil). It is full of comedy and some moments are just amazingly funny. It has a good share of robots, martial arts, science and what not. And a lot of types of powers. The main protagonist is simple, and great.

The anime is great too, and it has the exact storyline as the manga. Some moments are not portrayed, but they are not that important. 95-98% accurate. Fight scenes are more expressive, that is for sure.

Do yourself a favor and read/watch it :mrgreen:

The female characters are few, and the series has almost no fanservice at all. This is the best feminine protagonist IMO:







If you want to know what characters are my favorite, they are Bang (Silver Fang) and Genos.