Authenticity Focus For B.o.W’s Match Making

So first things first, project B.o.W. is not World of Tanks. How tanks are planned to work in ‘B.o.W.’ is not like in World of Tanks where tanks get changed / balanced [non-realistically] via alterations to soft stats and other parameters. No instead I am aiming ‘Project B.o.W.’ towards using indirect balancing of tanks; the fighting vehicles are planned to perform realistically (e.g. as close as I can get them to perform like in real life). Although I plan to use fighting / combat vehicles that are simulated to perform in real life even though if they may have never actually been fully constructed and or operational (e.g. ‘paper tanks’ and exemplary community based designs from a case by case basis).

So what is that picture all about then? Well that is the planned Match Making segregation although with a ‘left to right’ developmental focus showing an implementation and or a ‘promotion’ bias towards historical content vs. non-historical content.

What is B.o.W. you ask? Here is a video link of some gameplay footage of a working ‘B.o.W.’ tech demo / prototype: