German Historical Lines Rework Part II: Porsche Line (Controversial)

Made by SovietTenkDestroyer.

Part I

Hello again. Let’s get something straight. This is mostly a historical rework.
Not a rebalance. Some are rebalanced. This is my vision of a historical line.
I’m not a noob nor am I terrible. I can play these tanks very well
(Not all of course). While I’m no unicum, I’m no noob. I know not everyone will agree but please refrain from insults. Also, I’m not dead set with these stats. So lets get started.

Tier 6: Tiger P

Tiger P.jpg
Before you think it has a lot of armor for tier 6. Keep in mind that tanks such as the O-I and AT-2 exist and those have a lot more armor. It shouldn’t be hard for tier 5 to penetrate and flank. The Tiger P never had a 8,8 L/71. Instead it will be equiped with a 8,8cm L/56. Only one Tiger P was put into service as a command tank. Also, some unhistorical engines exist.

Hit points: 800-950
Weight: 60 tons
Speed: 35/12
Engine: 600-620 hp
Power-to-weight: 10.33 hp/t
Hull traverse: 17-20
Turret traverse: 23
Viewrange: 370
Hull: 200/80/80
Turret: 100/80/80
Gun: 8,8cm Kw.K 36 L/56
DPM: 2000 more or less (What WG feels best)
Penetration: 140-160/181/44
Damage: 220/220/295
Accuracy: 0.35
Aim time: (2.3-2.6)
Depression: -7/+15

Tier 7: VK 45.02 A or B (Type 180 or 181, P1 or P2)


VK 45.02 A.jpg


VK 45.02 B.png

If you miss the Tiger I sniping abilities from my last rework. Then this will be a fine replacement. Also, if you notice the names. It seems like this tank had a lot of different names. More than what I have posted. The A and B variant had exactly the same specs. Except, that one was rear mounted and the other was centrally mounted.  Historically, it was supposed to have the 8,8cm L/71 and the armor wasn’t exaggerated as in WoT. When hull variants ever come to WoT, this will be a perfect example of how it can change playstyles. The ‘B’ variants being more of a side scraper. Porsche’s VK 45.02 was in a competition with Henschel’s VK 45.03 or Tiger II. This tank is weirdly mild for Porsche.
Porsche usually built and designed unrealistic tanks. (Mammut, Maus, Mauschen, Tiger P, etc) To which one would be better, who knows. The VK 45.02 would theoretically be more economical, but knowing Porsche, it would be riddled with flaws. One more thing, the ‘A’ and ‘B’ naming is false.

Hit points: 1500
Weight: 65 tons
Speed: 40/12
Engine: 600, 700, 740, and/or 900 hp
Power-to-weight: 13.84
Hull traverse: 25
Turret Traverse: 25
Viewrange: 380-390
Hull: 80/80/80
Turret: 100/80/80
Gun: 8,8cm Kw.K 43 L/71
DPM: 2200
Pentration: 203/237/44
Damage: 240/240/295
Accuracy: 0.33 or 0.34
Aim time: 2.5
Depression: -8/+15

Tier 8: VK 100.01 (P) “Mammut” (Typ 205)

Yes, the Mammut is a premium unfortunately or fortunately. However, it’s not released. The Mammut was an early concept of the Maus. It featured a 12,8cm L/50 and a 15cm L/40. In tier 8, it trades some hull armor for guns. BIG guns. The turret might or might not be bouncy (Depends on the angle). This will be a heavy sniper (Not sure how I’ll balance that) or a
big version of the T29 or T34 (Weak hull, strong turret, punchy gun). Some sources state that it had 140mm of armor but I don’t know how legitimate it is (120mm confirmed) The engine is fairly weak for 120 tons. I’ll giving it above average/good terrain resistance. There is a stock turret. It’s basically a turret in a turret. This will be a stock turret with the weight going from 120 to 140 tons.

Hit points: 1700
Weight: 120
Speed: 25-30/12
Engine: 780
Power-to-weight: 6.5 (Terrain resistance to balance it)
Hull traverse: 17
Turret traverse: 21
Viewrange: 370-380
Hull armor: 120(140)/100/100
Turret: 120/120/80
Gun(s): 12,8cm L/50 or 15cm L/40
DPM: Not sure maybe 2000 DPM or a bit lower (1600-1700 for 15cm)
Penetration: 200-210/230/50 (170/230-250/80 for 15cm)
Damage: 490/490/630 (700/700/830)
Accuracy: 0.38-0.41 (0.42-0.46)
Aim time: 2.8-3.4 (3.2-3.4)
Depression: -8/+30

Tier 9: Mauschen

Mauschen model.jpg

Yeah, yeah I know… It was rejected (I liked it though :/ ). However, WG said it wasn’t completely scrapped and the VK 45.02 B is a very controversial tank. Probably less than the Mauschen. It’s basically a mid design from the Mammut and Maus. It’s very similar to the Maus. However, it not rear turreted like it’s sucessor.

Hit points: 1900-2100
Weight: 150
Speed: 20/15
Engine: 900
Power-to-weight: 6
Hull traverse: 17
Turret traverse: 17-20
Viewrange: 380
Hull armor: 200/180/?
Turret armor: 240/200/?
Gun(s): 12,8cm L/55 or 15cm L/31
DPM: 2000 (1700)
Damage: 490/490/630 (750/750/950)
Penetration: 246/311/65 (210-230/250-290/85)
Accuracy: 0.38-0.41 (0.4-0.44)
Aim time: 3-3.2 (3-3.4
Depression: -8/+24

Maus II or Maus with 15cm (Not necessary for historicity)

Maus turm I and II.jpg

There is no armor scheme I could find of the Maus II turret which looks a lot like the E 100’s turret. All I know is that it had similar or better protection (I’m sure WG can find some data about it. If not, I think a 15cm would great for the Maus). We don’t necessarily need to do this.  Arguably, it probably could use a buff. It’s historical as is.