German Lines Historical Reworks Part I: Henschel Line

By: SovietTenkDestroyer
Thank you! (and sorry for posting it so late)

Henschel Line

I know, I know… The Germans are mostly balanced. Some tanks like the Tiger II and Tiger need some love though. My job here is to try to make the lines balanced and historical. No completely new tank has been added. What I mean is that no completely new design has been added. I hope most of you agree:

Tier 6: Tiger I,_Russland,_Panzer_VI_%28Tiger_I%29.jpg
Since the Tiger I is an iconic tank, I feel that it should be lowered a tier. This will make this iconic tank more competitive with it’s armor. Overall, I think this will make the Tiger a great tank:

Hit Points: 950
Weight: 55-57 tons or slightly more
Maximum speed: 40/12
Engine: 650 HP (Stock) 700 (Top)
Power-to-weight: 11-12 hp/t
Hull traverse: 24 degrees
Hull armor: 100/80/80
Turret armor: 100/80/80
Viewrange: 370-380
Gun: 8,8cm Kw.K 36 L/56
Penetration: 140-155/181/44
Damage: 220/220/295
Accuracy: 0.38 or 0.36
Depression: -7/+13

Tier 7: Tiger II
This will be a nerfed version of the tier 8 version. The armor will be useful and it won’t be too hard for tier 5 and 6 because of the 80mm of armor.

Hitpoints: 1250 or possibly less
Weight: 69-70 tons
Maximum speed: 38/12
Engine: 650 (stock) 700 (top)
Power-to-weight: 9.5 or slightly more
Turret traverse: 25
Hull Traverse: 23-24
Viewrange: 350-370
Hull armor: 150/80/80
Turret armor: 185/80/80
Gun: 8,8cm Kw.K 43 L/71
DPM: 1800
Penetration: 203/237/44
Damage: 240/240/295
Accuracy: 0.35-0.38
Aimtime: 2.9-3.1
Depression: -8/+15

Tier 8: E 75
Before you think I’m crazy read this out! I’m not saying that to bring the 12,8cm L/55 with the armor to tier 8. The E 75 was historically a way to streamline the production of the Tiger II. It historically had the same armor and the same proposed gun (10,5cm L/68) to the E 75. This will have exactly the same stats as the Tiger II. The difference is, is that the frontal armor is better sloped. This will raise the effective armor from the Tiger II

Hit points: 1500
Weight: 74-75 tons
Maximum speed: 38/12
Engine: 700 (stock) 900 (top)
Power-to-weight: 12 hp/t
Hull traverse: 26
Turret Traverse: 27
Viewrange: 380
Hull armor: 150/80/80
Turret: 185/80/80
Gun: 10,5 Kw.K L/68
DPM: 1846.4
Penetration: 225/285/60
Damage: 320/320/420
Accuracy: 0.34
Aimtime: 2.3
Depression: -8/15

Tier 9: E 100 Krupp Turret
This will look like the E 100 in tier 9 because it basically is a E 100 in tier 9. The models won’t change. This tank will only survive by angling. The more experienced players will make this tank work for them. Most likely, with great results. However, if I could find another replacement I would. The Krupp turret resembles the Mausturm II turret. That’s because the Krupp turret is basically a lighter version of the Mausturm II turret to cut cost. However, the side armor of the Krupp turret is too weak. This is really the only unhistorical armor value is this rework.

Hit points: 1900
Weight: 130 tons
Maximum speed: 30/15
Engine: 1200
Power-to-weight: 9.25
Hull traverse: 22
Turret Traverse: 20
Viewrange: 390
Hull armor: 200/120/150
Turret (historical): 200/80/150
Turret (Unhistorical): 200/120-150/150
Gun: 12.8 Kw.K L/55
DPM: 2000
Penetration: 256/311/65
Damage: 440/440/630
Accuracy: 0.38-0.4
Aimtime: 2.4-2.8

Tier 10: E 100 (Tiger-Maus)

This will be a E 100 with a Maus turret. Nothing to change.